What People Are Saying About Veronica

I had a lovely experience

I had a lovely experience. Vee is authentic, open minded and easy going. Our conversation was punctuated with insights from beyond which have given me clarity in many ways. I am very thankful to Vee for sharing her gift with me.


Veronica is Legendary

There's no other way to say or put it! Veronica is legendary, she is the real deal, she is genuine and she is an absolute beautiful soul to work with. I'm going to miss her working in this field of work. She was accurate, spooky spot on, wonderful, gentle and kind. She brought through everyone I wanted to hear from...hello? Who does that?! I'd go to her again in the future if I could and would strictly only see her, she was that fantastic! Absolutely Mind Blowing.


Simply Magical

Every single word spoken from Veronica’s mouth resonated to my core. I’ve never spoken to a psychic medium like her before and was not disappointed at all. It was like she knew me, and knew exactly what I needed to hear. [...]. Simply magical. I highly recommend working with her in any way. Much love.


Veronica is amazing and so was the reading!

Veronica is amazing and so was the reading! I am a detailed person that needs to have an action plan for anything new. Veronica not only uncovers what needs to be addressed that is holding you back in the now but is supportive with an action plan and guidance to see you achieve!


I felt like there was no time wasted

I loved how Vee so directly and concisely answered my questions. I felt like there was no time wasted. She was also a great listener and could sense what type of information was relevant to share with me. Her accuracy was very impressive.


I always love Vee's insight!

I really enjoyed my quick session with Vee as I had the opportunity to do some self-reflection and help me pin-point what has been stalling me. It was a very helpful session to remind me of what I needed to work on to move forward. I always love Vee's insight!


I felt so relaxed and calm

Vee, you are a beautiful soul, and I felt so relaxed and calm with you. You are truly a special person, and I wish you every happiness.


Highly recommend!

Vee was amazing, she made everything feel so relaxed and accessible. I have some good thinking to do about my word and how it refects me inside of my work. Highly recommend!


Vee was able to tell me things only I would know and understand.

For my first reading I was very happy with all the information. Vee was able to tell me things only I would know and understand. I will be scheduling another appointment in the future.


I highly would recommend a reading!

The Reading was spot on in every aspect that we covered. It gave me clarification and encouragement on situations in my life. I highly would recommend a reading!


I loved everything about my session with Vee.

I loved everything about my session with Vee. What I'll remember most, I would say, was a conversation Vee invited me to have with my father... and just how "conversational" it turned out to be.


I am certainly impressed and appreciative.

The reading was revealing and my questions were answered accurately. I believe. Vee is certainly a gifted clairvoyant. I am certainly impressed and appreciative. I would like an additional reading in the future.


She tells it like she sees it.

Vee doesn’t sugarcoat and she doesn’t bs. She tells it like she sees it and you will be clear on exactly where things are and could go.


Incredibly powerful & soothing to my soul.

I have struggled with the heartache of a family situation. The insight Veronica shared restored hope. It was incredibly powerful and soothing to my soul. Her guidance and advice helped bring to light the reasons and lessons for some of life’s challenges. Thank you, Veronica!


Thank you for everything!!

I loved my reading so much! It was so helpful to get the insight about things I wanted to understand to better my life. Love you so much Vee you are amazing! Thank you for everything!! 💚xo


Highly recommend!

I had such a nice reading! It was my first time receiving a reading and Veronica made me feel so comfortable. She was able to relay information from a relative of mine who passed on and gave me some great insights. Highly recommend!


Spiritual help is a priceless gift!

Veronica is truly a special teacher and guide. I reach out to her once a year to keep my path on track and I can assure you, she has never misguided me. Her skills definitely come from a higher realm of love and light. I feel lucky to have this connection with her and almost too fortunate to have this life hack. If everyone had someone like her to guide them, life would be so much easier. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have one of her readings because spiritual help is a priceless gift!


I can't wait to have another reading! 

A reading with Veronica Drake is a gift you can give yourself. Veronica's spiritual abilities are beyond remarkable. She uses them creatively and dynamically to elucidate, inspire, comfort, and heal. She picked right up on the tenor of my current situation, describing the complex emotions I was going through precisely. She keyed into my personality and life experiences effortlessly. I found her to be sharp yet down-to-earth, highly articulate, flexible, and approachable. I felt immediately comfortable with her, as though we'd been friends for a long time, and I loved her fresh sincerity and enthusiasm. What I like best about her style is that she is an intuitive problem-solver and a no-nonsense straight-shooter. Listening carefully to your objective for the session, she focuses on exactly what you want to explore and accomplish with your reading (I chose to talk about my career, and she gave me a glimpse of the future and some great encouragement). Then she balances it with what is coming through from spirit guides on the Other Side. She connects to Spirit so fast and sees the best potential in a person. My advice is to give yourself the gift of a session with her. You will not be sorry. You will be blessed. I can't wait to have another reading; it was magical and so life-affirming. She is the real deal, and it's obvious she loves what she does. Personalized wisdom from the universe awaits you when you book a reading with Veronica Drake!


Truly amazing! 

Truly amazing! Can’t really put into words how great the session was. She made us all feel comfortable and made us believe our loved ones are doing great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Veronica is a spiritual and gifted psychic

Veronica is a spiritual and gifted psychic. I got answers to all my questions and got better ones I didn’t even ask for. She listened patiently to me, followed my concerns, and gave information right away sometimes without me having to finish the narrative. I’m grateful to have found her and hope she shares her gift for many years to come.


So comforting

I feel more at ease, knowing that my family, my mom and her brother and sister are all together. It feels so comforting to me. Thank you!


She is on point and very down to earth

I had a great reading with Veronica, she is on point and very down to earth, she explains things and is open to all the questions that arise during a reading. I will definitely be a returning client. She offers classes too can’t get any better then that. Like I say the whole enchilada…💕👍🏻

Tina Marie

Fantastic reading!

Fantastic reading! I love how down to earth Vee is and how she is able to weave her positive attitude in with her readings. The reading was fun, the time flew by, and I look forward to getting another reading in the future! Thanks! Shannon

A session with Vee is like spending time with an old friend.

A session with Vee is like spending time with an old friend. I immediately felt comfortable sharing uncomfortable thoughts and experiences. Her strong connection to the other side cannot be disputed and I was left with suggested actionable tasks to try if I chose to. It was an extremely valuable session which I am truly grateful for and would highly suggest to others.


Thank you Vee, it was very warming.

Thank you Vee, it was very warming. You verified truths and characteristics of my family. I also appreciated the name of my guide. Helpful health information was right on. Looking forward to continue studies with you and future readings. Blessings!


I enjoyed my reading-it gave me a lot to think about!


I got clarifications about which way my life is heading!

I have been watching and listening to Veronica for years. So I was Starstruck when I got the chance to have you all to myself. I got clarifications about which way my life is heading! That in itself is life changing 🙌 You told me some incredible things about my family! I have such an understanding of my place in this world after talking with you! I have only gratitude and love🙏 for you and what you are able to bring to the world 🌎 Again Thank you❤🦋


She has helped me in several areas of my life

Veronica is such a sweet person. My reading was the best thing to happen to me in a very long time. She has helped me in several areas of my and my immediate family's lives. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Veronica from the bottom of my heart.


She brought clarity

My session with Vee was yet more alignment. She brought clarity and discernment from my loved ones, relevance of soul origins, past lives, and primary energies supporting my current life journey. Vee is truly an authentic liberator of the medium in all of us and clearly guided by a genuineness of helping each soul to live reconnected with innate existential alignment; their knowing, sensing, feeling, and existential awareness. A oneness consciousness alignment teacher myself, I honor and greatly value her work and dedication as a medium and teacher.


It felt like having a deep conversation with a friend

Everything about my reading was fantastic but what I enjoyed the most was that it just felt like having a deep conversation with a friend. She was so authentically herself.


Thank you, Vee, for sharing your gift of insight with me and with the world. I'm excited for my upcoming journey on this new path of connection to Spirit. 


REAL approach to her readings

Firstly I love Vee’s fun energy - she brings a very light-heartened, fun and most importantly REAL approach to her readings. Secondly, the information she shared was gold - I know it will be life changing for me. Thanks Vee - would definitely recommend her to others who resonate with her


Left me in awe

Veronica is amazing. I love the conversational approach. It connecting with loved once and my spirit guides was an experience that left me in awe and completely happy with the messages that I needed.  


loved hearing about my spirit guides

I loved hearing about my spirit guides. ❤️ when VEE told me about my angel guide Tessa, omg....I felt her caress my face and it felt like she was holding me. Never before have I ever had an experience like that. It was beautiful and amazing at the same time. Thank you Veronica, you always show me something different and I've always been able to validate what you have told me. Your gift is so special 💕


Vee gave me some real tools 

My Calm session was amazing, I learned who I was and why I was feeling so strong about certain issues. Vee gave me some real tools to work with. I left our meeting on such I high , something I have not felt in my life. Vee is a straight shooter and will always tell truths even if it’s not want you want to hear. She gave me some truths I didn’t expect but was needed to move forward.


So Gifted

Thank you so much Veronica. You are so gifted. Answers were right on and truthful. The love that came in from my angel to loved ones lost was and still is spectacular.

Holly D

I felt truly changed for the better

Veronica's very presence is so healing! She is straightforward and compassionate and definitely 'tuned in' to spirit and to people. I felt truly changed for the better after our reading. Thank you, Veronica!


She helped me connect some dots

Vee helped me realize certain things about myself. She helped me connect some dots. Look forward to speaking to her again!


I loved everything about my reading

I loved everything about my reading with Veronica! She fulfilled my expectations and then some.


She will tell u what u need to hear and not what you want to hear

I love how honest Veronica is. She will tell u things as it is and doesn’t sugarcoat. She sensed a lot of things that I have kept it inside for a very long time. It was very comforting talking to her. She doesn’t rush and genuinely cares about giving you the guidance she receives. She will tell u what u need to hear and not what you want to hear. Felt very peaceful after talking to her.


Gave me the information I needed to explore myself

Everything was said in a positive and professional way. The reading gave me the information I needed to explore myself further. It confirmed intuitive feelings that I misunderstood. The details were explained clearly and the connections made sense.


I felt a calmness and contentment that I have been without for a long time

This reading helped calm my spirit so much. By the end of this session, I felt a calmness and contentment that I have been without for a long time. Thank you, Vee, for helping me find 'me.' XOXO


Veronica is the real deal!

Veronica is the real deal! She connected me with several family members who had important messages for me and other family members. She also helped me piece together "why" something happened to me and "who" from the other side is helping me for the greater good. She is very conversational, easy and enjoyable to talk with and I highly recommend her!


It really blew me away

It really blew me away. I had no idea so many family members were watching from the other side. 


Extremely enlightening

My second personal reading with Veronica, and it was extremely enlightening as I knew it would be. Still processing all the information, but have a much better understanding of my current circumstances and overall life mission. Well worth it!


I highly recommend her!

I absolutely love my readings with Vee. Prior to my session, I tried to focus by preparing questions to ask her so I didn't waste her time. When that didn't work, I just decided to let Spirit lead the way. I should have known that was the best course of action all along. For me this reading was comfortable, informative, and gave me the answers I needed in the way I needed to hear them. She brought my attention to things I was not aware of, gave insight to situations I was concerned about, and the people in my life who are so important to me. As I told her, when all was said and done, I felt so good. My heart was full. This lady knows her stuff and I highly recommend her.


Veronica is the most accurate medium so far!

I've been to psychics before, but Veronica is the most accurate one so far! She knew so many things about me without me actually telling her anything. She's also really kind and can make anyone feel comfortable. I was able to find out and validate a lot of things about me, where my life is going, and also one of my past lives during my session with Veronica.


You were spot on!

My reading with you Vee was phenomenal!! 30 mins is nowhere near enough but just enough to know I want more!!! Thank you so much!!! As I expected, you were spot on!!! ❤️ you!!!


An amazing talent

Vee, helps me discover the inner me, my soul, we peeled away all the excess beliefs and conditioning , that my life has brought me. Finding what I truly want out of life. She has an amazing talent to help you with the help of spirit. But wants you do the work ,so you can learn to succeed and keep moving towards your goals. Thank you for wonderful reading.


Her gift is awe-inspiring

To Mrs. V, Veronica is very soothing, I know I can completely open up to her about absolutely everything! She & her guides are very clear. Her gift is awe inspiring. I always leave the session feeling confident & clear headed. I know she doesn’t really know me, but good lord her & Elisa have helped me thru the darkest days, hours . Thx you Veronica… thx you! I’m sending so much love & appreciation to you & your family. I can honestly say, I love you ❤️


Thank you so much Veronica for your insight!

My reading was exactly what was going on at this moment. Thank you so much Veronica for your insight!


So valuable

A most wonderful experience! Vee is down-to-earth, warm, humorous, and addressed all the questions I had, plus additional insights that I needed to hear. The wisdom she imparts is incredible and so valuable. I'm immensely thankful for our conversations.


Always bang on!

I love how bang on Veronica always is...always confirms the truth of what I was wondering about


She is an extremely gifted medium

This was my second reading with Veronica. She is an extremely gifted medium. Not only she gives great insights during the reading that make perfect sense, but I also noticed a healing effect on me after every reading. I feel much more calm and am able to solve my problems. I believe she has a healing energy and just being in contact with her can solve a lot of problems. If you’re confused and stuck and looking for guidance, do not think twice and get a reading. It will be an experience to remember. Also I cannot say enough about the going within community. Veronica has an ability to trigger your psychic powers. I learned to channel in a very short time not because I worked hard, I didn’t, but I believe it is because she accepted me as a student and just being a part of her course has triggered this ability. I am forever grateful to her.


So incredibly meaningful 

I was so touched by my session with Vee. Our time together was healing, thoughtful and so incredibly meaningful to me. We uncovered things together that have changed my viewpoint and I will be cherishing this session for years to come.


I learned a lot!

I learned a lot from my reading direction I was missing.


Funny, smart, concise, packing so much into an hour!

Loved this session with Veronica! Funny, smart, concise, packing so much into an hour! Really felt we accomplished a lot and her advice is really practical! Will be back for more!


Vee was incredible! 

I loved so much getting a chance to talk to my husband. Vee was incredible! She was able to channel his energy so well. I look forward to our next meeting!!


Veronica was extremely accurate, personable and detailed

Veronica was extremely accurate, personable and detailed. Definitely an excellent source for anyone's spiritual advice needs.


Made the path much clearer!

It was only one session, but it has been a turning point in my life ! Veronica has given me a very clear guidance and interrelated my past and present in a way that I had no doubt anymore what I am doing here right in my own life story. I don't claim that this session has solved the whole puzzle yet but at least it has helped me put all the pieces together and made the path much clearer!


Vee knows her stuff.

I love chats with Vee because I learn something new every time. Last night's class was the first time I had been involved in an intimate, small group reading. It was enlightening and informational. As she usually does, Vee answered a question I had which, although not a big concern for me, was something I was curious about. During this session I learned even more by listening to questions and answers from and to other members of the group. Sometimes listening to others gives you ideas about questions you didn't know or think to ask. We don't know what we don't know. I am fascinated by what I don't know and fascinated by what unfolds in these sessions. Vee knows her stuff.


I just love Veronica’s readings

I just love Veronica’s readings. She is a no-nonsense reader. She gets right to the point and the heart of the matter or issue you need clarification from. I will always come back to her for my readings.


The messages I received from my sister were perfect.

What an amazing group reading. A lot of what was spoken to the other participants also applied to me. It was very interesting to see how easily Veronica went from one person to the next and didn’t skip a beat. The messages I received from my sister were perfect. Thank you so much


Very pleased with my reading.

Very pleased with my reading. I appreciate you Vee.


A very transformative experience.

A very transformative experience. Vee you're awesome! I'm very grateful for this experience, recieved so much practical advice from Vee and my spiritual team which I have started putting into practice, I'm so happy with this. My mind was put at ease after this reading and I feel I could let alot of things go which were circling around in my monkey brain!! THANK YOU VEE. 💕💕💕💕


Hearing from my loved one brings peace

I loved the group setting of this reading. Connecting with others who share grief allowed me to know I’m not alone in despair. Hearing from my loved one brings peace. Vee, you’re amazing. Thanks for sharing your gift in genuineness.


Vee, you are a breath of fresh air. I felt like I was talking to a friend and not a stranger.

Having never had a group type reading before, did not know what to expect.  I took liberty of taping the session and have listened again.

Vee, you are a breath of fresh air, you made all of us feel so welcome. I felt like I was talking to a friend and not a stranger , and what you relayed to me was spot on.  Thank you.  Grief is such a layered emotion, with so many tentacles…grief for a lost loved one, a job, a way of life, a change in living, etc,etc. I sincerely appreciated all of the other women’s stories and perspectives….my heart goes out to all of them in dealing with their losses.

Keep doing what you do, I think you are amazing (also listened to your recent “live” - excellent video! )

Nadine M

Veronica provided a warm and comforting atmosphere, and I felt instantly at ease

Veronica provided a warm and comforting atmosphere, and I felt instantly at ease. I loved about my reading being able to feel the presence of source in her channeled guidance, and received the relief that I needed most at the time. I loved that it all felt very natural, in good sequence, and cohesive to my personal understanding. I'm certainly looking forward to contacting Veronica again.


Loved My Visit

Loved my visit…confirmed my present situation..delightful person to share life’s little experience’s💕



My reading was very insightful and more like a conversation with an auntie or a close family friend. Vee is patent and comforting while giving it straight to you. She is a great mentor who pushes you to be the best “you” that God has intended you to be. I have been following her for years and she has always been no BS and I love her for that.


I felt I was receiving guidance from a friend I’d known for decades!

I adore Veronica’s laidback, friendly and easy to talk to immediately, character.
She is right on the ball and takes a lot of care and patience in her mentoring sessions.
Although the information was enlightening and sometimes a wake up call, I felt I was receiving guidance from a friend I’d known for decades, really!
Thank you Vee! I’m so grateful and would happily talk with you on a daily basis.
One of the good guys, for sure!


Very informative!

Very informative, direct and a lot of information. Appreciated the body scan and clearing. Also the connection to my dear friend that recently passed.

Mary Ann

I'm so thankful for all she has done to help me grow personally and spiritually. 

I had the general reading and the mentor reading sessions with Vee. Both sessions I had were absolutely amazing!! I love her personality, vibrant energy and I felt very comfortable talking to her. The sessions have helped me in so many different ways. I learned a ton about myself and past lives. On our Mentor session she also cleared out trapped emotions before our session. She was spot on on those emotions without me even telling her. I was also going through a very tough situation in my life on our first session, she gave me the confidence to push through and move forward with that situation and it worked!! After that session with her I felt so much at ease. She is a blessing! The sessions were fun for me too. She made me laugh and I saw all the beautiful white orbs floating around her during our sessions which was so cool. I have never seen that before! She is the real deal. I'm so thankful for all she has done to help me grow personally and spiritually. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Vee. You will absoulty love her!


I learned so many ways to open up more creatively

I learned so many ways to open up more creatively and set my intentions. Also what I'm here to learn and what minerals my body needs right now along with questions I had. I loved it and highly recommend it!


Insight and Practical Advice With so Much Integrity and Heart 

I was beyond impressed with the way Veronica was able to channel messages, insight and offer practical advice with so much integrity and heart. The reading resonated with me so much!


Such A Profound Experience 

I Such a profound experience. Veronica helps making it feel so light and easy even when the connections and information being received is so deep or layered. Thank you so much.


Book this type of session if you want to go deeper within!

I had the holistic healing and intuitive guidance session and it was amazing! I felt the information was spot on and I learned so much about myself that I didn’t realize until I reflected on it later. It was interesting to see how karma from past lives affected mine now and it made me aware and mindful so I could help clear it. In previous readings, I made lists of questions but this session with Vee gave me information that I need to know to help me in this life. I would have never of though to ask questions that would have led me to this information! I definitely recommend booking this type of session if you want to go deeper within!


I loved my reading so much!

I loved my reading so much! It was so helpful to get the insight about things I wanted to understand to better my life. Love you so much Vee you are amazing! Thank you for everything!! 💚xo


By far the most enlightening and emotionally freeing session I've ever had!

This was my first reading with Vee and it was amazing! I've had many readings with other readers before but this was by far the most enlightening and emotionally freeing session I've ever had. She knew so many things without me even saying a word. I would highly recommend Vee to anyone. Looking forward to future readings that I will definitely be booking again. Thank you very much Vee for everything you do and all your time. Love you lots! 💕


I felt uplifted!

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Vee! She is just lovely and so friendly.......I felt completely comfortable to ask anything and she made me feel at ease! We covered a range of topics that I was interested in - and I could tell that Vee has a genuine psychic gift and spiritual connection, providing answers and guidance for me .....as well as my little dog! Vee described the personalities of passed loved ones, giving some names and specific information which I knew to be true. I felt uplifted and would highly recommend people to have a reading or session with Vee....100%!


I couldn't ask for a better session!

I was absolutely amazed and impressed that Veronica knew so much about me. She knew me better than I knew me. I loved her tips and advice she gave me. I couldn't ask for a better session. Very open easy conversation that puts you at ease. I'd highly recommend her for a any kind of session you can get.

Diana Carrillo

Channelled just what I needed to hear...

I loved how easily Veronica channeled just what I needed to hear and also answer so many life questions.


She Has a Beautiful Gift

Veronica was right on point. I went to her to get some business advice. Not only did she tell me what was going on in my life, she also told me the possibilities of what could happen if I kept doing the things I was doing. She has a beautiful gift and I will be coming back in a couple of months to make sure I'm right on track! Loved her energy and she was just so fun to talk to!


She Easily Taps Into What I Need To Know

I found my reading with Veronica Drake to be a wonderful and smooth experience, she easily taps into what I need to know and is a great listener. I will definitely be having another session with her. I highly recommend having a session with her! 💕


Wonderful Experience!

I enjoyed that I didn’t have to know what direction or what questions I should ask to get the most out of the session. Everything naturally flowed and prioritized itself. Wonderful experience. Thank you Veronica! This hound followed the scent and is locked in on the trail. I’m grateful you share your gift with the world.

Lauren Martini

Oracle Art Guidance Spot On

Miss V, just want to say thank you! My sister Julie had some Oracle Art made for us sisters. All of our art and guidance were so spot on and exactly what each of us needed at this moment. What a wonderful healer, conduit, and receiver you are! Thank you for sharing these gifts with the world. ❣🥰 

Exactly What I Needed to Hear

I loved Veronica’s way of connecting to exactly what I needed to hear and her means of gracefully presenting her knowledgeable gifts in a healing way. Ever thankful Vee!

Charlie J

Identified Energy Blocks

Vee identified energy blocks that I have had throughout my life so far. When she mentioned what they were e.g. powerlessness and defensiveness being two of them - the block and impact to me became very clear and once identified and owned I can deal with it. Thanks Vee!

Mike Sproule

Incredibly Accurate

I had a phone session with Veronica that was incredibly accurate, helpful, filled with Spirit’s infinite wisdom, as well as her own personal journey; in truth, it felt like I was talking with an older sister which was a warm and pleasant feeling. During our time together, Veronica was able to provide insight that aided in my decision about how to best move forward on my own spiritual path. I am so glad that I followed the hunch to contact her and I am truly grateful for our time together.

Thank you Veronica XO

Paula M (Toronto, Canada)

Genuinely Cares

Although it was exciting and informative to hear how my past lives and my soul’s characteristics have affected who I am in this life, I especially appreciate the tools I received for connecting with my departed daughter. Veronica appears to genuinely care about us individually! I truly enjoyed my session! 



I’ve had two readings with Veronica over the past year

I’m not sure I can put this into words…it’s like knowing that all your little gut feelings have been validated somehow. I have no doubt that Veronica has the gift to speak with spirits and guides on the other side. I had a moment when my crown chakra was tingling, my hair stood up on my arms and spontaneous tears formed knowing my father was present. That’s when you know you are speaking with an authentic medium. Thanks Vee ♥️

Donna Ragona

Compassionate and Understanding

My reading with Veronica was on a very emotional topic and she handled it with strength, compassion and understanding. I really felt accepted and understood and like she deeply cared about my situation and my feelings. Such a lovely, warm, strengthening and beautiful individual.

Thureya Roberts

Incredible experience

What an inspiring and enlightening session! I have noticed such a difference in my anxiety levels and outlook ever since my first session. My tendency to overthink every small detail has also reduced and I feel I lightness that I never have before. Thank you Veronica for the amazing work that you do! Would recommend her to everyone. Lots of love and gratitude.


Amazing Reading

Veronica was the most kind and understanding medium I have ever worked with. There was no doubt we were speaking with my son. It was very comforting to know that he was happy and content and at peace. I highly recommend her services.

Charlotte Sharp

Fantastic Session

This is my second reading with Veronica Drake and of course Erik. Love them. She’s great and straight to the point. You will have your money’s worth. Trust me.

Eliceo Colon


The reading was amazing.. she made me feel comfortable. It was like talking to someone that knew me for a long time.. she hit some very important highlights for sure. I recommend recording the session because listening back, a lot more things made sense. I got validation on who I really am. My gut feeling always told me i was meant to help people, but I wasn’t sure how. Now I know how, I don’t feel stuck anymore. Thank you Vee


Amazing reading

My reading with Veronica today was incredibly helpful and insightful. I taped the call and listened back to it and took so much away from our session. Veronica is truly a gifted and beautiful soul I highly recommend spending time clarifying things in your life with her.

Kelli Ruch

Bubbly, fun & down to earth

Had a great reading with `Veronica. Nothing throws her off. We had great laughs, keeping things light where possible. Sometimes hard to find out when it is her speaking and when it is someone she is channeling, but I put that down to lots of enthusiasm. Love her openness and honesty. Works great for me.

Frank Dees


I’d just like to thank Vee for connecting me with some past lives that help to explain the current one. So interesting to think about the concept of changing family connections with different lives. I wish I would have recorded it somehow because I know I didn’t get it all in my notes. Thanks, Vee!!

Julie Christian

As expected

She was very open as I anticipated . We will see about accuracy in next few weeks. So easy to talk with and to the point. Enjoy your reading.


Thanks, Veronica!

Veronica helped me communicate with my wife and other family members who have crossed over. She also did a past life reading for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you have someone you love who has crossed over and want to communicate with them then Veronica can make that happen for you.

John Martorana

Best Reading

I had the tarot reading about past lives with some career also. Wow! It helped me understand family dynamics like why I feel a certain way towards someone and vice versa. I got more insight and names of people of who I was to look up which I’ve never gotten from anyone else. Also got some cool ideas I can start working on hobby-wise. I definitely recommend getting your past life reading from Vee!

Coleen Cox

Warm and down to earth

I very much enjoyed my time with Vee. She helped make sense of some confusing aspects of my life, gave me some constructive direction and had some fascinating things to say about my home (lots of fairies/elementals around our property) and my family. I look forward to another session with her!

Liz Norman

Interesting insight

Thank you Vee for an hour full of insight! I hope all information can lead to an improvement in my health. I’m greatful that you manage to answer a lot of my questions. I’m also very grateful for the work you did with the emotions codes! I highly recommend Veronica to everyone who needs a deeper understanding of the themselves.

Linn Karlsson

Have fun with Veronica!

If you are looking for a straight forward easy to understand psychic medium then go to Veronica! She knows how to explain complex spiritual information into easy to understand chunks of information. She also has a great sense of humor… she’s just fun to hang out with!

Julie Schlomer

Comforting Read

Vee provided spot on details that offered comfort and clarity during my bereavement.

Tonya Crosby

Vee is a gem!

If anyone is considering a reading with Vee, consider no more – she’s great! I had a past Life Reading with her yesterday and it was really revealing. Somethings she told me I suspected and she confirmed it. She also told me about some other interesting past lives. It was so much fun, Vee is very easy to talk to – felt like I was talking to a good friend. I highly recommend! Thank you Vee!

Patti O'Neill

Nailed it.

Make sure you clean house before you get on the phone/comp with Vee because her remote viewing skills are phenomenal. LOL. It’s live inviting her over for coffee… Top notch on the past life and present life purposes as well. So informative, and such a kind lady <3

Jo J Faulk

Always Amazing, Simply the Best;-)

Vee always comes thru with pertinent details, and validates your own intuition, but the deal is, you haven’t told her what you wanted validation of, she just knows. Plus, she is so relatable, it really is like having a conversation with a close and wise friend. Well worth the money, ten times over,

Jennifer Thomson

Veronica is AMAZING!!

My second reading with Veronica and she continues to blow me away! She seems to have an inbuilt “beacon” and hones right in at the question.. I asked her about a potential partner for my mom and she knew his personality right off the bat.

I will definitely come back to Veronica when I need another reading!

Veronica is the “Bees Knees”!

Thank you again Veronica!!!

Christine Frey


I expected an amazing reading from Vee and nothing else, but didn’t expect the deep connection between the two of us and the genuine senserity I felt from her loving spirit throughout my entire reading. It was nothing like I’ve experienced before in any other readings I’ve done in the past with other people. Don’t hesitate to book her if you really feel a pull towards her! It’s all for a higher purpose. Thank you again, Vee✨️ love ❤️ K, New Orleans

Kelly Comeaux

Spot on

She has helped me tremendously a couple of times. She has the amazing ability to go to the core issue, deliver information in a way it makes life issues easier to understand. It has helped me deal with tricky life situations in a more loving and understanding way. Awesome and so worth it. Feel like a burden is lifted off my shoulders.

A bit short this time around (41 min when it was supposed to be 1 hour), but I definately got what I needed from the conversation.



My reading with Vee was Awesome! I first saw her on Youtube with Channeling Erik and I felt immediately, that she stood out from all the other Psychic Mediums that had given readings on that channel. She is really special, warm and engaging. She gives you so much information about your present and past. Her abilities and the way she communicates are second to none. I recommend having a reading with her, you will feel beyond fulfilled.

Karen Oppenberg

Right on the money!

Veronica was right on the money. The past life reading explained why I am the way I am in this life. Also, I wanted to know who my children were to me in past lives,. It’s amazing what she knows!

Veronica is really easy to talk to and I quite like her. Thanks Veronica!

Kristina Straub

Beyond …what I imagined

It’s tricky to come to a medium without any expectations especially when she has already dazzled, compliments of interviews with CE. Themes from conversations I’d been having in my head the last few days, came forward. Vee shone a light on a past life experience which opened my awareness to a key lesson to unlock the current influences my life. She showed me what lowers my vibration and how to turn that around. With a little back and forth, I gained insight into a family death, I gained the courage to let go of a situation, and how possible it is to speak truths into the wind.

Each insight held profound openings; and then Vee mentioned one more stunning bit of information about what work I could serve humanity performing, which made my heart very happy. In a most respectful, direct and comforting way my reading was BEYOND anything I’ve experienced before. So grateful!!

Julie Damore

Vee was able to confirm

Vee was able to confirm a few things that I had been thinking about for years. I also loved how everything she brought up (which was a lot) tied together and made sense with my life. Lastly, and probably most important, she helped me remember who I really am and need to ‘let out’ more of so that I can call in what I most deeply desire in my life. That helped me affirm some important business decisions and reminded me to have more fun! YES PLEASE!! Oh and Vee’s energy, demeanour and presence is pure awesomeness. She is one of my favourite people and will make you feel safe, cared for and seen. Thank you Vee. Sending you lots of love!! xo Jennifer

Jennifer Trask


The reading was amazing. Vee was warm and engaging throughout. My husband came through loud and clear…personality traits and all. Vee knew things that only he could have shared with her. I felt his presence so strongly. She also shared a couple of past lives with me and verified some intuitive feelings that I had. There were so many different facets of my life that we talked about. I truly loved this experience. It was healing and comforting. She’s the real deal.

Carol Ball

You Have Questions & Vee Gets The Answers

I just had my 2nd reading with Vee and she is simply amazing. Her approach is so warm & forthright. She was able to remote view into my home where my late wife advised that light blue was a good color for the great room. I had just had that conversation the day before with my sister! There’s no way anyone could’ve known that unless they were the real deal. A reading with Vee is a wonderful opportunity to get the answers you need to heal and keep moving forward in the proper direction. Love & blessings

Mike Hoysler

Peaceful feeling

Veronica was able to give me peace in my heart and mind. She connected with family members who I felt guilty about not knowing if I really handle situations correctly. She was fantastic! I would highly recommend her.

Maureen Grant

Out of this World!

My reading was a wonderful experience. I had a full page of notes. After the reading, I reflected on what has been revealed. I certainly was astonished. Now it has given me more to move forward in this life time.

Manuel Luc

Absolutely Amazing

Once again Vee has nailed it! 60 minutes of pure 🎯! She is beyond helpful in answering the why, how, and understanding the steps.

We have hired Vee for the last few years every 6 months for counsel. We are so grateful to have her on our side. Please know that she is full of knowledge and passion for her career. If you need clarity and help understanding when several options, paths, or messages are in front of you, give her a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Yet everything to gain!

Jen and Hans


I had a blast during our session! Vee was completely present and invested. I was gifted a lot of insight and have a better understanding of a lot of things in my life. It was so much fun and incredibly healing. I really look forward to connecting again. Thank you Vee!


Accurate and enlightening

My reading was a wonderful experience. Veronica went into a past life of mine which completely dovetailed and explained this life. She also connected with my father and accurately described his personality and endearing behaviors that would have been impossible to know from any earthly means. She is a genuine connection to the spirit world and I left comforted and content with all I learned. You will too.

Cathryn Dodich

Vee never disappoints

I have been following Vee since her days with CE. It’s always breathtaking the details she gives. She answered a lot of my questions before I could even ask. It’s always a comfortable vibe like you’re sitting down with a family member. She’s nurturing and does not blow smoke up your behind. I’m excited to continue on this journey with her and appreciate the healing.

Keisha Johnson

Grounding & Reassuring!

I recently had a reading with Veronica and it was so comforting to connect with her. She is very down to earth and I feel like she answered all of my questions in an honest and positive manner.

She also provided guidance for my own spiritual journey, encouraged me to follow my own path, and most importantly to remember to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I also loved how she connected me with my Starseed family, past loved ones, and grandfather! Great reading, I highly recommend her for a session!

Chelsea G.

Never Disappointed!

I’ve had more than one reading with Veronica and can honestly say I’m never disappointed! Her candour, sense of humour and enthusiasm is so refreshing. She does not pretend to know something she doesn’t and what she does impart always has the ring of truth to it, I’ve been on a journey of enlightenment for the past three years and am so grateful to have found Vee!

Barb Korman


Delighted to hear her insights and amazed to connect with my father! Thank you, Vee!

Karen Perkins

Down to Earth Style

I’ve had 3 readings from 3 different channelers over the last couple of years. My reading with Veronica Drake was both informative and enjoyable. She put me at ease with her down to earth style and her suggestions for spiritual growth felt right on and was greatly appreciated.

John Wells

Great Attitude!

This was my second reading with Veronica and it was wonderful! I really like her attitude, she is very down to earth and I feel she answered all my questions with honesty and positive intent! I look forward to my next reading!

Traci Jones


I needed to speak and hear my son who died from a drug overdose suddenly. Even though his addiction was short lived, it was painful to live thru. I was comforted that his passing was painless and quick. He said it was impossible not to believe in God after passing. “It is magnificent” there. Thank you Vee. Words can never explain my gratefulness for your gift.



Veronica was able to bring forthe my son’s spirit with accurate details no one could google.It was soothing to hear her testimony and will stay with me forever. Thank you!


Past life reading

Veronica is awesome and so easy to talk with. She made me feel very comfortable and I feel like I know her. I have been following her for the past four years. My reading helped clear up some things for me and confirmed other things that I had thought about. She is very good at connecting with her spirit guides to give you answers.

Assunta Marie Lickliter

Terrific communicator!

Truly unique experience. Vee is an original, the real deal. I especially appreciated her quick insights, deep empathy, and meaningful advice… it’s as if we’ve been together many times. She also gave me practical next steps along my life path. Thank you, Vee, so grateful!

Jeanine Wright

A joyful event!!

I am so pleased with my reading with Vee. The conversation flowed so effortlessly. It felt like two old friends casually sipping their tea and confiding personal tidbits. I will do this again and am thinking of “gifting” a reading or two to friends.

Much love, Jo

Past Life Reading

Talking to Vee and feeling her nurturing is a heartwarming experience even for people who are self-sufficient. I had several questions answered that made a big difference to me and clarified what I had suspected. To finally ‘know’ what my mind so much craved a response to brings closure, peace and, at the same time, a jolt needed to finish a project. When you know the facts, you remove that uncomfortable nagging in your mind of “what if” and “am I wrong” and the path forward is aided by truth rather than guesswork. Both time and agony are saved. Life is actually rather short and we all want to grow emotionally and in awareness during our journey here on Earth and here is where Vee comes in. She skillfully exposes and removes hurdles so we can propel ourselves forward with more efficiency and armed with facts. My session with Vee was worth every penny and I highly recommend her.

Sonja H. Lüsch


I have enjoyed each reading I have had with Vee which is why I keep coming back to her. These readings are informative, eye opening, and enlightening. Each time I learn something new that fills me with more questions for the next reading. My last reading, however, was fascinating and it took me a little time to process what I had heard. But when I did, what she told me blew my mind. I had questions. She had answers. She is a straight talking person and very gifted in what she does. Information comes to her and she imparts that information to you. The fascination comes in receiving information you never could have anticipated. Things are making more sense; I understand the “why” for some situations now that I didn’t understand before. I am grateful for her. If you book a reading with her, you will be happy you did.

Karen Winn


Vee is delightful – offering a comfortable interactive format with focused clarity regarding details for questions I asked PLUS introduced key topics that supported my inquires!! Stellar session and I look forward to peeling additional layers in future sessions. I am grateful for Vees’s time and gift.

Cin Lee


Since I had a whole lot of questions and a whole lot of ground to cover, I parked my emotions at the door and asked question after question giving minimal responses. And boy did we cover that ground – all of it. I went back to listen a few times and each time I took more of the messages on board. Some responses were confirmation of what I’d been suspecting and some blew me away with me hearing them for the first time. The reading was clear, concise and direct. There was no hedging around a subject and I loved that. Our guides don’t waste time with eloquence – they give it to you straight which I appreciated. Now I can take the information and make informed, real time choices knowing that my spiritual team really does have my back. If you want to hear what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear, Veronica is amazing as a conduit and I appreciate her gifts so much.

Annabel Sarah Gale

A wonderful reading

Veronica is truly spot on, in several things she brought up. And is a straight shooter, too, which I really appreciate. Her reading helped me to focus in on what I needed to see, to go forward. She is very clear, and transparent, really listens to you, and takes time to thoroughly explain and answer your questions. I highly recommend her!

Lucy Deyerle

Mind blown!

I just had my first ever reason, an intuitive reading, and Veronica helped me feel very comfortable and gave me a real confidence that where I am in life is where I should be. I will definitely return and highly recommend Veronica!


A DREAM Come True!

I have been waiting a little bit over 5 years of grounding and doing inner work to finally meet Veronica Drake. And when I did I got the 100% epiphany experience I knew I was going to have every since I first found out about her at Channeling Erik. Erik is so Amazing for introuncing me to this life’s most wonderful beautiful gifted psychic mediums of our lives. I am eternally thankful I look forward to a lifetime with Erik and these wonderful Psychic Mediums. Unconditional Love and Co Existence and Harmony is what is all about and its All Ever Learning. Remember, The World we live in is not created/made by hands of Man. =)

Jonathan Oliveros

I felt seen and worthy!

So incredibly accurate, loving, helping,

I felt seen, accepted and loved by Veronica and my guides and angels.. So thankful and so impressed by this healing. Also given very helpful tools to heal and grow. ❤️

Sabrina kloppert

I Love Her Honest & Compassionate Way That She Communicates The Messages That She Receives.

I’ve had a few readings with Veronica. She has brought me closure insight revelations and much more. My most recent reading with her provided the therapy session with my mother that I should have had before she passed over. She’s predicted events that I would have never saw coming on more then one occasion. I love her honest compassionate way of communicating the messages that she receives


Fantastic Reading!

I really loved my reading with Veronica! She’s so spot-on and insightful. She gave me some really valuable gems – nuggets of information – that I’ll be sure to hold with me going forward in my life. I loved how she tuned in on the quality of some of my past relationships and how they still affect me to this day. I loved how she connected with my departed Dad and brought through his energy. It’s so special being connected with those on the other side. All in all, Val is the bes! You can just tell that she comes from a place of truth and integrity. I really like her energy, her teachings and her personal style. She’s the best!

Suzanne Campbell

Give yourself the best gift this year…a reading from VEE!

This was my first reading from Veronica, but I have had other readings with another favorite psychic medium I love and trust. However, I’ve admired Veronica and love all her messages and videos, so just wanted to hear what she could bring through for me. Especially since I recently moved and felt a bit lost with what direction my life was going. She was very easy to talk to, so patient but on point. Able to answer all my questions and help me see all the possibilities that are there. I feel hopeful again! I was also reassured that she was hearing from my guides as she told me specific things about myself and my son that my spirit guides had communicated with me in past readings. Specific not generalized things. Having to do with future careers. She also made contact with my biological dad and I was so happy to finally communicate with him, as he has never come through before. I highly recommend a reading from Vee, to help you with uncertainties about yourself, family and loved ones past and present. I will definitely book another reading with her in the future!

Beverly Defrancesco


I’ve had many readings with Vee throughout the years and she was always right on….A few months ago she did the emotion code on me and got rid of a huge pain I’ve had on the left side of my neck for over 40 years that no doctor, chiropractor or osteopath was able to remove…She is my hero and I love her and thank her very much


Truly A Testament To Veronica

I have had several readings in my life and this is the first time I have felt so relieved and gratified after my reading with Veronica. Not only is she a straight shooter, but Veronica also receives her answers from spirit so you KNOW she’s accurate with her insight and information! She is a very loving and caring person which also helps put your mind at ease when asking questions…..nothing is ever uncomfortable. I highly recommend Veronica, as her answers are truly honest and completely validating. I look forward to continuing my journey with more sessions from her for years to come!


Loved It!

Vee is wonderfully gifted and was supportive during the entire reading. She is truly a kindred spirit. Conversation was easy, and you can tell everything she does is authentic. I felt comfortable being vulnerable in giving and receiving information. There’s no judgment from her (or Spirit), only love. Definitely worth your time if your heart is open to receive!

Olivia Porath


I guess, out of all that was conveyed yesterday, the most mind blowing was about “Joe Bruce”. I can’t go into details but…wow. Also, the information about what my deceased daughter, Katherine, is doing was unbelievable. Vee mentioned Silver Thorn/Crest…and after a google search there is a rehab place in Colorado with the name Silver Thorn.

To be honest, I am still absorbing all that Vee told me during my reading. I took notes but can’t read my own damn writing on some of it…LOL I feel like I know Vee…like I’ve known her a long time…it’s kinda weird. Thank you Vee for the amazing reading and as always I’m sending you the strongest/most positive/loving/healing/divinely guided energy I have, for your surgery AND for your healing after the loss of your beloved Mother.

Much love my friend, Lela C.


I have had many readings with Veronica and she is always very accurate….She even described my yard saying where there’s a vortex….A few months ago she did the emotion code with me and got rid of a severe pain in my neck which I had for 40 years


A conversation between old friends

Veronica’s reading was on point and gravitated to the areas where I wanted to go. She is a great listener and the meeting felt like we were old friends catching up. She validated many areas and highlighted a few others. Thank you Vee!

Elizabeth Collins

Insightful and accurate

This was my first reading with Veronica and i couldn’t be happier with our session. I felt very relaxed and we had a great connection. She’s the real deal! The messages were spot-on and very helpful. She brought in the perfect information I needed to hear about my path and life lessons and specific messages from family that passed that was of great comfort. Absolutely would recommend her to anyone who wants insight to their soul’s journey.

Barb Hicks

Grateful! A wonderful reading!

I had an illuminating intuitive reading with Veronica, which helped to clear some confusion for me. I’m really grateful for the information Veronica gave me to support and encourage my development. I would definitely return.

Daleen Baker

I loved my reading with Vee

Hi. It was my first reading with Veronica. I loved it. She is so down to earth. She makes you feel comfortable right away. I felt really bless by being able to talk to her. She talks like I talk so I felt right at home with her. She was right about everything she told me. Now I registered for Creative Conversations. I can’t wait. So much I want to learn. Get a reading with her, and trust me, You won’t regret it. Love you Vee ❤️❤️

Lyne Mailloux

Powerful Work

Veronica is doing super powerful work. She is truly in tune with spirit and has demonstrated it tenfold. She loves what she does and is living out her purpose. If you’re looking to talk with a transitioned loved one, find your purpose, looking for direction or anything related to spirituality, she is the one to go to. I’m happy our paths have met. Thanks Veronica!

Elise S

I am truly fulfilled

I can’t explain the feelings that I have after talking with Vee. Joy, calmness, spirit-filled, connected! Vee is truly the one that seems to walk the line between the veil and the present. She answers those questions you have always had and with exploration, gives you the answers as to why. I will definitely be back in touch for more answers.

Mary Anne Griffith

Loved it!

Had my first reading with Veronica and it was amazing not only does she channel but she clears blocked energy. She doesn’t fluff it up and tells it like it is. She introduced me to my guide describing what she looked like and giving me a name. It was wonderful and will definitely do this again.

Diana Personnes

I always love my readings with Vee

Vee is such an amazing, gifted medium. I love her no bullshit, candid style of doing a reading. This is my 3rd time with Vee and I’m already looking forward to the next one! I usually have so many questions since I only do this once or twice a year. I appreciate that Vee was up for my rapid fire questions that were truly all over the place. I was feeling a bit off course since I’ve been diving down the rabbit hole too much. Vee’s answers to my questions set me at ease, made me feel more grounded and got me back on course. There’s been a lot of fear lately in myself, the collective and the spiritual community. Vee’s reminder to consider if information is of the light was exactly what I needed. Thank you Vee! I definitely think everyone needs a reading with Vee 🥰

Heidi Montoya

Who are you gonna call? Veronica Drake!

If you’re lucky enough to have Vee Drake on the line, then rest assured, for help is on the way. After 18 months of head to toe hives, I knew I had to go deep to get to the root cause. Using her skills with Emotion Code, she was able to identify the causes, and then root them out! 24 hours later, I have a major reduction of my symptoms, and I know it was her work that started my healing journey. Allow yourself to trust the process, and don’t hesitate to receive the clear guidance available to you through her gifts. And it truly is just the best gift….one that fills me with gratitude! Thank you, Vee, for dedicating yourself in this very special way!

Mary McGinnis


For the past many weeks I have been anxiously looking forward to this reading. As with most of us, I had an agenda of items I hoped to cover. We hit on all the points of my agenda and beyond. It was everything I wanted to hear and know and so much more. After the reading I had a sense of calm because things I felt I knew were verified. Also I felt a sense of calm because I feel like what I learned in my session, as well as other things I have been working on, is taking me one or two steps closer to where I am headed. We worked out information I was looking for about my Spirit Guide. Information came to me from my ancestors and others. My Ancestors telling me in so many words not to mess this up. 😉 Yikes! It was exciting and fun. All in all my session verified for me that I am heading in the right direction, but I have a lot of work to do…many miles to go before I sleep. I am gratified for Vee’s guidance. She is awesome!!

Karen K. Winn

Absolutely brilliant reading

I originally had a reading with Veronica booked for about 2-3 weeks ago, but due to a technical fault (me) Veronica was very kind enough to reschedule my appointment. I have since had my reading with Veronica even though I couldn’t find what little amount of questions I had previously written down. We went ahead with the reading and I immediately found out that Veronica has an approachable energy about her, and is very easy to talk to. Veronica pulled no punches answering questions that I could remember, and she was straight to the point with her answers. When my mind was drawing a blank Veronica help me out a couple of times with questions, letting me know a few things about previous life’s of mine that I had know idea about, and confirming how I already use my intuition most days without me realising or acknowledging it. Veronica is very approachable and it’s very relaxing to be in her company. Veronica is talented and very gifted. Veronica is everything her testimonials say she is and more, I highly recommend her services to anybody who is considering having a reading.

Jerry Johnson


I was fulfilled after the call. She knew that my father crossed over—- and he did so only 5 days beforehand. I’m grateful.

Nanci Beason

Veronica is Truly Gifted!

I was already familiar with Veronica so I was so excited to have an actual session with her. She is so personable like she knows you. She gave me some guidance then channeled a loved one that has just recently passed. His passing was traumatic and tragic. I got a lot of information during the session concerning his death. I had many questions that were answered. I wish I could talk to her everyday. It was a fun and very rewarding experience. You will be happy with Vee. She is amazing and truly has a gift that she uses to help others. She cares about people and provides positive guidance that comes from the spirit and guides. She has helped me a lot in the past year in my spiritual path!

Susan Hudgins

Super Satisfied Customer!

Veronica is the real deal! I’ve had readings in the past with other mediums with highly disappointing results so I was a bit skeptical going in. My questions were clearly answered – no vague mumbo jumbo or basic “your loved ones are okay and love you.” Vee’s info was more clear and to the point than several famous TV mediums I’ve watched. Vee said such as: “Richard is here” instead of “sounds like Raymond or Ricky or …” I received incredible validation that my late husband and grandmother were with us today by very specific things that were pointed out in my house in the present moment. It was confirmed that I was on track with my life lessons with specific info unique to me. I’ve had a sense of peace since the reading that I didn’t expect and I’m looking toward the future more than I have in decades. I highly recommend Vee. Her readings are real and spot on!

Diana Oliver

She was better than advertised

I enjoyed speaking with Veronica. She is extremely easy to talk with. She seems to have a natural ability to know the issues you are dealing with. She provided information that was extremely helpful to me. I am greatly impressed with Veronica. I’m going to use her again in the future to help in providing direction for future endeavors.

Timothy Amburgy

Calm and Comfort

Vee is a delight and right there with you the whole time with love and spirit guided messages. Together we shared revelations and compassionate truths. I was comforted and look forward to our next session.

Susan Winslow

A reading with Veronica is ‘a trip’!! Awesome!!!

It was an amazing reading with Vee!!!! Veronica is real!! It was not my first time with her and will not be the last!! She’s honest. She delivers a great deal of info right from the beginning. She’s like a waterfall of information. Truly!! I highly recommend her!!!!!

Milla Q.

Uplifting and Genuine!

Veronica is like talking to an old friend that truly has your best interest at heart. With encouragement and help from spirit, she suggested ways for me to overcome obstacles so I can be totally free and move forward with my life. Veronica brought someone through by name, which I was not expecting, who offered me an apology. The reading has brought me insight and peace!

Bette S

Yellow brick road gave me a sense of what is to come.

Veronica empowers.

JoAnn Roth


I had my reading with Veronica and it was amazing. I felt like I was talking to a friend She gave me great advice for the future and I will definitely be going back.

Donna Ackerman


Truly heart felt thanks to Veronica. This was my first reading/clearing/healing session with Veronica and what a relief I feel! Veronica made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to choose what we would like to cover in the session. I had feelings or emotions that I felt were not just from this lifetime. That I really wanted to heal and clear. Veronica helped me to identify what I had carried over from past and it totally resonated with what I felt in my body and intuitive messages that I had received on my own. She took me through a process working together with her and spirit to clear blockages. I could feel the difference sensations in my body as we connected. She also brought through my deceased mother offering me ideas on direction of career which again totally resonated with my passion. I felt so much lighter, so much more clear and had my hope regenerated. I am looking forward to learning more with Veronica in her one on one session or in creative conversations. I will definitely refer her to other family and friends. Yay!!! ❤️🌸🧚‍♀️ I’m so happy!

Jody Callahan

Reading on 4/27/2021

I had a great reading with Veronica I found her on Channeling Erik and I just fell in love with her personality she reminds me of me and also my son who past away today 2 yrs ago I have had 3 readings with my son with the same person and they went really well. But this time I wanted to connect with my son through Veronica. She described my son to the tee and the things he used to do here in life and was doing now in the spirit . In fact Erik showed up in the reading and was goofing around with my son. I read Elisa Medhus books about her son Erik shortly after my son passed away. The books were a big help to me and on my first reading 6 months after my son passed away my son through the other meduim he met Erik, because Erik saw me reading the books. I also watch Channeling Erik. I would highly recommend Veronica for a reading she is so pleasant, funny and compassionate. Thanks again Veronica Amy Miller

Amy C Miller


I really enjoyed my reading with Veronica. She was friendly and personable. I was so comfortable talking to Veronica that it felt like I was talking to a childhood friend. To be honest, I didn’t want to get off the phone with her. I could have listened to Veronica and spirit all day. But more importantly, she helped me a great deal. I had a great concern and she addressed the issue and gave me solutions. She even brought in Eric Medhus which was a pleasant surprise. I’ve had many readings and Veronica’s reading is up there with the best of them. She is a beautiful soul. I wish her all the best.


It felt so natural!!!!!!!!

I was a little nervous at first but that went away as soon as she talked about the soul of my loved one and after that it felt like she was just another part of the family and iv know her forever! This was my first reading with anyone before and I may not ever because she will definitely be my spiritual goto from now one.She is absolutely amazing!!

Latifah Jones

I absolutely love Veronica

Firstly let me begin by saying that even before I had my reading I was totally drawn to Veronica .. her down to earth attitude is what I live for .. airs and graces are not my thing. I feel she has that sister, best friend type vibe .. I’ve never had a sister but if I did I’d adopt Vee as mine, she’s adorable. Originally my app was to be an intuitive reading, she was meant to scan my body throughout my past lives and work out what blockages I had bought forward into this life and help me resolve them. But after I had booked my appointment I had some amazing work Done with Master Angel Erik and his wonderful mum Elisa and part of the work was to remove all my blockages .. so she asked me what I wanted from our appointment.. I said can we just go with the flow and see what happens .. well it turned out that I ended up being able to channel her Grandma something which I’d never done before, 🤩 during the session Erik turned up and they gave me advice on what I need to do to connect to spirit and V told me that I had spirit writer written all over my ass which gave me the boost I need to move forward .. I totally lack confidence in every aspect of my life, she guided me how to meditate properly and gave me tips on tarot reading and what I need to do for the spirit guides to connect with me .. she also told me that as an earth Angel part of my contract was to birth another earth angel (my daughter 28) and we would go through an experience together and eventually go our own way with our own teachings .. this was spot on. My daughter got sick at 22 (poisoned by our own doctor) she was bed ridden for 2 years she lost all her hair she couldn’t walk talk or do ANYTHING for herself .. she went to hell and back many times and in the 6 years it took to heal her (we healed her naturally with plants from Mother Earth) I cried many many rivers .. but today my daughter is healthy and strong and living an off grid life at the other end of the country .. she helps people by bringing them knowledge of natural healing and I’m now on my journey hoping to help others by teaching them about the soul journey .. 🙏🏽

We laughed so much during the appointment I felt totally at ease and I can’t wait until I have the money to book some more time with this incredible woman .. honestly I’d be happy to just talk to her without and spirit discussion .. she’s so f’kin awesome .. I honestly love her . Thank you Vee for giving me wonderful memories that will last a life time .. you are a queen 👑

Sharon Mcluskie


After waiting for my first reading, my basic questions was answered . At times of the reading, I didn’t fully understand some information, only after the reading, giving much though, did the rest made sense .



Had my reading with Veronica yesterday, from the other side of the planet! She quite clearly saw into my life circumstances (many details I never mentioned) with great accuracy. No pussy-footing about, just the right messages with immediate relevancy. Your higher self may already be telling you what you need to know but are suppressing, but Vee’s reading puts it in front of face and validates it, giving you confidence in your own knowledge and inner wisdom. Thanks, Vee! You’re doing blessed work.

Anita Peura

Healing Session / Reading – Amazing Results

I get so much more out of a reading with Veronica than I ever expect. As she began my reading, she told me she is now doing healing with the Emotion Code. I am familiar with EC so I was excited to trying it. I have not been able to turn my head without pain for over a year and the muscle tension in my shoulders was so intense I couldn’t sleep. She did 5 minutes of EC and was able to release trapped emotions I had been carrying for years. Within that 5 minutes I could turn my head completely, no jaw pain, no pain in shoulders/back and I slept through the night for the first time in a year. It’s truly amazing and I can’t say thank you enough.

Tammy Bearinger

She’s Amazing

I love Vee having first learned about her through Channeling Eric. I’ve had two private readings with her and the impact is the same- she makes learning about Spirit fun. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard . She’s the best.

Valerie Janssens

Great reading

Had a great reading with veronica, got some questions answered. I got to communicate with my daughter. Veronica is so easy to talk to. Love her

Edna M Blanton

Another wonderful session!

This is my third reading with Veronica, and once again it was awesome! I felt like I was talking to my loved one directly. I recommend her 100%!

Marta Nummy

The Best Reading!!

I convinced my mom to have a reading at 90! At the time we booked the appointment is was really to celebrate 90 and give her comfort that we never really die. In the meantime her world exploded with a person in her life who was involved with elder abuse financially and emotionally. Veronica was compassionate and spot on in her reading and her guidance. I would recommend her in the best of time but even better when you really need some help!! My mom loved it. Thanks Veronica!!!

Erin Boyle


I came to Veronica because I had watched her give readings for others, and love her open and easy way of communication. I have needed, for some time, guidance as I stumble through certain life challenges, and Veronica, and her blessed gift, gave me that. I really needed some straight talking and with Veronica’s intuition she delivered clear messages from my loved ones crossed over. Veronica is truly gifted and honestly, a lovely, genuine lady and I’m immensely grateful to her. She told me some things that are very thought provoking and I have some soul searching to do. I will definitely be back, everyone’s life would be richer to have Veronica in it and I look forward to seeing her again.

Deeply grateful, Cathy

Absolutely AWESOME & AMAZING!! ❤️

Veronica is so AWESOME & AMAZING at what she does! I just recently had my first private reading with her after having several group readings prior. I can say that each reading I have had with her always brings me new insight, information, clarity, teaching, guidance & MORE. My most recent reading came 10 days after my little buddy, Skiddles (15 year old cat), passed. She confirmed everything from his pre-passing to his passing, including that my Golden Retriever was one of three to help him transition over 😇 I went away from this reading, like I do all her others, feeling uplifted, spiritually elevated and the clarity needed to move ahead with my life’s purpose. She is truly “therapy for the soul” along with being so gifted and down to earth!! No matter if you have a reading with Veronica or become part of her Creative Conversations with Vee group, you will feel like you gained a new friend 😊 I have had others give me readings, but my go-to-gal is definitely Veronica! I highly recommend her for anyone and everyone!!

THANK YOU, Veronica, for your time, your gift and sharing your Spirit Team with each and everyone of us!! Vee, it so appreciated 🤗❤️

Janice Sestrap

Veronica’s gift is authentically amazing!

My experience was beyond my expectations. Veronica shared & offered details that only the Holy Spirit could’ve brought forth through her.

Tonya C

She was amazing!

She answered every question I had . And was amazing at doing it . Guided me in the right direction about a lot of things . I just love her ! You won’t be disappointed booking appointment with her . She helps you so much .

Kimberly Roppelt

Holy cow! I’m Blown Away!

I had a great reading with Vee. She brought up someone I wasn’t even thinking about! I received some healing messages and some info that I needed from my guides and family and even source came through to give me an answer to one of my questions. I also asked Vee to give me a Numerology report. Talk about a lot of info, wow! This was my 3rd reading and it was amazing! So much more then what I’ve talked about here. You wont be disappointed. Love and Light to you all!

Donna Dempsey

Very impressed

I was impressed. This was my first reading with her. She mentioned things she could not have known and validated things that I was curious about. For someone with her skill level, I find the pricing to be great. I personally have been getting readings from psychics for many years, but Veronica was my first experience with a medium. I appreciate that I could get precise and direct answers. At the end of the reading she checked in with me to see if I got what I wanted out of the reading. I would definitely see Veronica again when my curious mind has more to inquire about and will be recommending her to people. Thanks Veronica, I appreciate what you can do!



My session with Vee left me in awe (and tears). The information she provided me from those who I wanted to connect with was truly amazing. It was comforting to hear the messages and it left me with resolve for the most part. I look forward to future readings and working on my own energy with Vee, she truly is spectacular.

Shannon Murphy



John May

Magnificent Reading

This was my first reading and Veronica was so amazing. I was nervous before the call began but once I heard her voice the nervousness went away. It was like talking to a friend. She is great at what she does. She validated somethings for me. I was also able to connect to my love ones and that meant the world to me!! She was so patient and kind with me. This reading totally blessed my life. Love you Veronica and can’t wait to talk to you next time.

Sincerely, Crystal C


Wow! I’m left speechless after my reading with Veronica. Vee was spot on with things in my family’s history that I had no idea about. I double checked with a member and sure enough it was true! Her gifts are amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for guidance and spirit confirmation. Thank you Veronica!

Jessica Cox

Absolutely 💯 %

I just can’t tell you how she was so spot on ! Everything she said made sense just perfect sense! Vee is just such a nice person and it just comes to her. She made me feel like a friend. I was so happy after my reading I felt like I went to a therapy session I texted her later and told her it was like Therapy for the soul. I have downloaded her 52 pg Ebook & I am waiting on a numerology reading she is also working on for me. After my reading I trust her words a 100%.. I am looking forward to my next reading down the road with her from now on I will only call her.

Stacey Olson

Amazing! I was definitely guided to the right person!

My experience with Veronica has been nothing short of amazing! She always gets straight to the point and channels exactly what I wanted to know about with clarity and the upmost compassion and respect. Even without me saying anything – she just knows what needs to come through! I find these readings extremely helpful as I always learn something important that I need to know, in a way that is fun and light hearted. I also always know when to go back to her because my intuition guides me there. I highly recommend booking a reading if you’d like to learn more about yourself or get some perspective on your life. You may just discover a piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing!


Veronica is a wonderful soul

I am very thankful for having found Veronica. This is my second reading, and she always answers my questions. You feel very comfortable with her, like old friends. She is amazing.

Marta Nummy

Fabulous–Can’t wait to have another reading!

Veronica is the real deal. I was able to communicate with my husband who recently passed and there was validation and confirmations galore. I was astounded. Veronica is a very clear medium and so much fun to work with. She is a delight. All I can say is WOW. Dare I say this reading has made a significant shift in my awareness. Thank you, Veronica

Janice Holt

Wonderful !

I had a wonderful meeting with Veronica , I enjoyed hearing the readings for the others as it hit home on issues for myself. I was able to get many answers that I was seeking and I want to thank her for doing these small intimate sessions! It made me feel comfortable

I will schedule another s ssion in a few months ….

Karen Hartzog

Wonderful group experience

I love the group readings, fascinating!! Even with 3 other people, I still felt everyone received ample attention and answers. When Veronica is reading for another group member, hearing the advice and also the life lessons and experiences of others helped validate me. I’d think, oh I’m not the only who xyz, oh other people experience xyz too! She is able to really hone in and give you what you need to hear personally, she allows you to ask questions as well. She sometimes shares personal stories and its just such a cozy and healing experience. I dont know what to say except I am so glad I did it. I went home and immediately wrote everything in a journal so as not to forget. She also gives techniques to do to help cleanse or to help with grounding, whatever the person or group needs. I think my group had some synchronicities for sure. I found a few people really identified with similar challenges and were pursuing healing vocations, while the other person and I were having more sadness and loss issues. It kind of worked out perfectly. I was able to benefit from listening to everyone, it was like finally connecting with people that I can relate to! It balanced well and everyone was supportive. I’d love to do this again. Really loved my group and Veronica is so very gifted, I’m just so happy she shares her gifts to help others grow, find answers, learn, and have hope. If you need a one-on-one, I totally get it, I usually do that when I have readings. But, don’t discount the group readings, they are really cool!!

Christina H.


I really enjoyed my session with Veronica and the 3 other women on the Zoom call. I learned a lot from hearing the other readings. Veronica helped clarify some issues for me and gave me validation on things I did already know, but I needed some help on. One day I’ll book a private session. Thanks so much!

Karen Munro-Caple

Wonderful reading…

I found Vee while watching Channeling Erik and just fell in love with her energy and laid back personality. I felt like I’ve known her forever. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her. I received so much useful information and many questions answered from specific health issues, love, family, intuitive path and more. She is to the point and comforting in her delivery. I highly recommend her services!!!

Thank you Vee, Kelli Douganl

What a great perspective and insight!

Veronica is able to cut to the chase, in a truly loving, authentic and compassionate way. She is also a riot. I love the way she shares her point of view and vignettes. She was able to point out what I needed to focus on and showed me what needed to be “left at the door”. I love her idea of an elevator pitch, how we tell our stories, and how we can make our own stories, stories that tell what we really need the world to know about who we are. I am deeply appreciative of her skills and coaching prowess. I think everybody owes it to themselves to book a session with her. Thanks so much Veronica. Your suggestions were totally on the ball.. !!

Cyndi Rand

Amazing and fun reading

I learned about Vee while watching some Channeling Erik videos and was really impressed with her abilities to channel. I had a personal reading with her and I was thrilled with what she conveyed to me! It was even more than I had expected! Since then, I have been a part of 2 of the group readings and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The information I received was just what I needed at the time and I had the chance to connect with others in the groups and learn from their experiences, as well. I would highly recommend that you connect with Vee! She’s amazing and you will learn so much about yourself through her! ♥️♥️♥️

Regina Cox

Like speaking with an old friend!

I enjoyed my reading with Veronica! Talking with her was like having a conversation with someone who I’ve known for years, but…I just met her. She validated things I was thinking about doing and made me feel my decisions were right on track. She was spot on with the personalities of my loved ones & even though I know they’re always with me, it was a nice confirmation!

Sheri S.

An amazing soul ❤️

So glad to have found Veronica, life has thrown me a devastating curve. Have been reading any and all books spiritual and there she was. Love what she has to say and how she says it, so very heartfelt and sincere. Look forward to a long relationship.❤️ An added bonus is her beautiful Oracle art, everyone should own a piece, it is amazing.

Love Love Love, Corrine Bearse Hogan


I met Vee in Channeling Erik… Among all the mediums I chose Veronica (even though the other ones are very good) but, I loved her personality…I have had some meetings with her in Psychic Conversations…and I loved her..she is real..she is very well connected to spirit…very nice and kind…As far I am concerned she is my new teacher…she has so much to teach about the spirit world. Looking forward to seeing you!!!! I WILL BE IN YOUR MASTER CLASS!!!

LOVE, Gladys Pascual

Sweet synchronicity

I have been following Veronica’s work for years now, which helped me through one of the hardest points of my life. I have always been so very thankful for her sharing her work on YouTube. Being in social services and especially when the pandemic hit, I have had to generally work 60 hour weeks to tackle my debt snowball. One of my goals as a gift to myself for doing so, was booking a reading with her. I am beyond thankful that she got creative and started the group readings, so that it is even more affordable and tangible. Her reading simultaneously blew my socks off and resonated at the same time- I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking of course! And also she knows nothing about me and everything at once. What a tremendous gift you have and give, Veronica. I can’t thank you enough for your authenticity, your gentle and constructive candor, your true grit and being such an inspiration. You so validated so many things I’ve kept to myself for over 40 years now, as a person, an aspiring reader and an empath. You’re such a gift and I loved my group as well I am so proud to be a new Connector and will most certainly be booking again. 🙂 🙂 🙂 With deep gratitude!



Veronica is a blessing and I am so glad I was blessed with a group reading. I had a list of questions but so many of them were answered thru others readings too as we were all in similar situations that my list was completed. I love Veronica’s direct yet kind approach. She and her Spirit Team know exactly what you need before you even know yourself. They gave me clarity where needed and helped me expand my vision for manifesting a joyful, F.U.N. filled, prosperous life….because it’s MY turn to shine… God Bless you Veronica and your Angelic Team..

Kathy Peart


I have had many readings with Vee and they are always spot-on. I have been listening to her since she first started with Channeling Erik and her style fits my style perfectly. I love the grit and the honesty. She is straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush making you wonder if you got all the information you were looking for. Vee has a way with Spirit that is fun and funny . I can’t wait for my next reading!!

Debbie Sias

Amazing experience … time and money well spent!

The group session was amazing and I love how spirit brought the 4 of us together. I feel that I learned from Veronica and the other participants as well as their experiences and information. I took away so much, including homework from Vee and Spirit!! Veronica ensures that time is spent fairly on each participant and Spirit coordinates the participants so we can learn from the guidance given to each person. I know that I will continue to learn and grow from this experience as I sit with the information and the feelings as I reflect on it as well as the guidance shared and as I process what needs to be processed. I am very grateful that Vee chooses to share her gifts in this way, and has stepped into the role of teacher. It truly helps! It was an amazing experience. Vee is genuine, respectful and real and creates a safe space to laugh and cry and experience a range of emotions. Thank you Vee, for all that you give and do.

In so much Love and Light, Mary Louise xo

Amazing gift to myself!

I got so much out of my group session with Veronica. She’s very intuitive and gave me information that really rang true with me. I received information that is very important to me and no question that she was picking up on information given to her from spirit. Looking forward to doing another session with her soon she is absolutely amazing and down to earth!

Danielle Rolley

Great experience

I have had reading with Vee for at least 5 years. She is spot on….always insightful and loving. This was the first time I did a group format. I was curious on how this would be. It was great. Amazing group of women were brought together and purposefully. I find that comforting. I always learn a lot with Vee. It was as if a group of friends were hanging out together and time flew by.

Karen Evans


Loved my group session with Vee! I felt safe to ask the questions I had and was inspired by the loving connection of the group. Vee was insightful, kind, funny and authentic. She sets a tone that puts everyone at ease. I left with a full heart and a desire to nurture my soul through more work like this.

Tristin Tabish

Worth It

At first I wasn’t sure about how a reading would go for me in group setting, but I felt like I was being urged by my higher self to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. It was very relaxed and easy-going right from the start. It’s an added bonus to know that you’re with a group of people that are supposed to be together at that moment to learn from one another and recieve messages collectively as a group. The time was shared effectively between us all and was a really beneficial way to recieve spiritual support and guidance. Would definitely recommend and consider doing again.

Carla Silver

Fantastic Group Reading

I was quite nervous about the group aspect initially, but my doubts were completely unfounded. Vee touched on so many things going on within me that I was astounded, she is warm funny and very accurate. The group aspect was great and she gave individual time to each us., Some aspects other individuals were dealing with completely resonated with me. I would not hesitate to have a reading again in the future. It was outstanding.

Claire Wynn

Always a pleasure

I absolutely always come away from a reading with Veronica not only extremely satisfied, but also learning new things as well! She is a delight to spend time with. She is always very honest and forthright! I continue to learn from her every during each class and reading!

Cheryl Wagner

Far exceeded my expectations!

My experience with Veronica was amazing.!! Highly recommend to anyone whos had readings and has been disappointed by vague answers. Veronica is very understanding, accurate,compassionate and allows everyone to be heard. Much respect to her! I’m thankful we crossed paths just when I needed it most!

Tracy Carmel


I was very impressed. I was not as prepared as I could have been but she was able to channel people I did not expect and especially my husband with words he said of things that happened within the last few weeks. I became very emotional and was unable to complete my session. I am so grateful to her and definitely will use her again but hopefully be more prepared. I enjoyed the ones who came through and loved the feeling I experienced. Thank you.

Adell Rejcek

Brought me into my heart.

I joined a group session. Veronica was punctual, organized, fair to the participants, and patient. She never made anyone feel rushed. I had surface questions, such as when will I have a baby, about my job, when will I buy a house, etc. But spirit needed me to hear more and Veronica faithfully told me. I was abused, and neglected as a child. For 30 years I have been on a spiritual healing journey recovering from childhood trauma. I thought I was done, but then Veronica told me things that I never knew. Immediately I was brought back to being the vulnerable chid. There is no amout of conscious reasoning that can prepare the heart for an emotional response. She reminded me that I am incredibly loved. I was profoundly moved to have this shift in perspective that was so essential to my identity. I am still processing the experience. I have seen 7 psychics in my life and Veronica is by far the best I have encountered.. I would not hesitate to recommend Veronica…

Sofia Stefani Woosley


Vee is amazing. Her insight into my life was spot on in so many ways. I had goosebumps throughout the entire reading. She is without a doubt the real deal. She is down to earth and does not beat around the bush. She tells it like it is. She is warm, kind and relatable and it is obvious that she loves helping others. I will be using her services again.

Donna Wilcox

Sweet gratitude

I loved the relatable connection with this sweetheart .. thank you for serving as you do, darlin .. I look forward to a great sisterhood .. 😘


Vee is amazing!

Vee is a very kind, generous and extremely intuitive human being! I so enjoyed my first reading with her. I wasn’t super prepared. Didn’t know exactly what I wanted to talk about or in what order. Plus I wanted to see if she really could “see” things about my life. She did! And we covered so much ground. My mother came through with so many points of descriptive proof that I knew she was truly there. So comforting. Vee saw a future job in my life that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Lent validation to that inclination. Vee is genuine, and I look forward to speaking with her again.

Susan Winslow

Great reading!

Veronica is spot on!!! I’ve been listening to her for sometime and finally had a reading with her. She was very accurate with my reading and I’m so impressed with her sincerity and her friendly style. I would take a reading from her again anytime, her accuracy is amazing.

Sandy Patzke

Strength, Courage and Love

Veronica is a true glass through which we could see into the other worlds. She is so humble despite her immense wealth of gifts. She channeled from our guides and from our loved ones. I really feel able to continue the path that I am on – it became so clear to me. Veronica confirmed things that no one else knew. I loved being in the group with the other three people. They were amazing beings too and somehow, our lives were one in that space:.So many things that unite people in what we share – the wish for connection, happiness and love. Thank you Veronica, what a place to be! Love and only love lives there.

Annette Deane

Awesome Reading!

Veronica is truly a gifted psychic medium. She answered all my questions and more in such a direct and seemingly effortless manner; connecting with my loved ones, clearing up mysteries, saw the state of my health, named a past life and even what other planet I called home. The only con is that I must wait another six months to have another reading. Many Blessings Veronica!

Kathleen Pippen

Delightfully pleased

I was pleasantly surprised at being so happy with the reading. Veronica was spot-on with a number of items she brought from the other side. I look forward to setting up another appointment.

diane mcdonnell

Confidence radiates

Veronica Drake exudes confidence when teaching you the ropes regarding psychic development. She also naturally embraces you as an equal. Her techniques are simple and doable. Your time with her will not be wasted and instead plentiful. I quickly learned and trusted my thoughts when accomplishing exercises. The readings were joyful and provocative. I am now involved in her monthly classes and I am learning and accomplishing so much. Thanks Veronica

Brenda Vincent-Springer

A great group reading, would love to do this often!

I first saw Veronica with Elisa, Erik’s mom, I love to see Veronica’s weekly, Divine Downloads so I scheduled a group reading to test run my own intuition as well as receive a reading in a group setting. We had a wonderful group and benefited from all of our questions, Vee is so easy to talk to and she even brought up very helpful and relevant insights, that I had not thought about, but was very happy to receive. Vee is first rate. I had a wonderful experience.

Irma Laura Chavez


Vee is very talented…especially at reading energy and physical issues. She is the real deal, has a great sense of humor, and will tell you the things you ‘need’ to hear from spirit. I’ve had readings from others, but she is by far the most genuine. Love her <3. I'll be back 🙂


Our time together flew by!

Vee was warm and friendly and communicated like an old friend with wisdom and insight. She is the real deal! All I can say is that I wanted more time with her. Perhaps another reading in the near future!

Sandy Whitehead


I have had MANY readings with Veronica, and not only is she the REAL DEAL, but she speaks the truth! She has helped me communicate with my loved ones that have transitioned, she has coached me and helped me develop into a better person, and has helped me with a multitude of internal battles I’ve been dealing with. She is not only a great psychic medium, she is a trusted and valuable member of my soul-family. I had a reading with her in March of 2020 and she mentioned career change was coming in August and more money was coming in. Well, its August and I have just landed a new job and making much more money, confirming once again that she is spot-on. If you get the chance to have a reading with her, you will love it because its just like you’re talking to someone you know and will definitely get the help you need! Love you, Vee!!

Kelly Green

Love you Vee!❤️🙏🏼

Thank you so much for taking your time for making me feel better! I love you for you and for everything you do!! My reading was amazing…and you listened to my painful emotions with such a caring heart! Thank you Vee! ! ❤️🙏🏼 God and the Angels be with you now and always!❤️🙏🏼🥰

Carmen Turbuk

Very Excited for the Future!

I was very happy with my reading with Veronica! I was in need of spiritual guidance and received more than what I had hoped for. Talking with Veronica is like talking to a best friend who is excited about the future and will cheer you on. I can hear her saying “you’ve got this girl!”. I’ve first heard of Veronica through Channeling Erik and fell in love with her personality. Vee is very personable and cheery. I look forward to her weekly Divine Downloads on YouTube.

Jessica Cox

Perfectly timed group reading

I highly recommend a group reading with Veronica! I love how Universe/Source/God puts the right people together, at the right moment. I was looking for clarity on a few themes in my life and I got that and then some. It was a joy to see how she tuned into each member of our little pod. The energy she brings to the table is straight forward with no bs/sugar coating. I’m so happy Erik brought me to you. I’m looking forward to her Connect program and growing into my own spiritual gifts. Tytyty, blessings!

Cathryn Cenkus

Highly Recommend!

Highly Recommend! A+++ Veronica was professional and VERY helpful with answering my questions. She provided clarity -through the angels/guides on my concerns, Some of my questions were very personal and sensitive, the responses were honest and compassionate with spiritual direction. This was my first reading with Veronica and it was Awesome! I will definitely book another reading. Thank you Veronica – Loves and Hugs.

Kristi Giese

Amazing Personality Who Keeps It Real

VEE is like an old friend that you hang out with. She is very gifted in the spiritual arts and has a very knowledgeable understanding of how it all works., Her personality I would say is 1 part charisma, 1 part fun, and 2 parts teacher, shaken not stirred. Her group sessions are packed full of surprises and lessons about life and the other side. I like how down to earth and honest she is. I highly recommend her. She is an authentic medium and channel who does not disappoint. Many Blessings, Julie



She is just wonderful. Explains when you don’t understand of the verbiage from the other side. I really love the idea that you have other people in the readings. You learn different things that you wouldn’t of known. Veronica is a wonderful teacher and her personality is just out of this world..

Catherine Smith

Best experience ever!!!

I had a reading with Veronica today and I cannot stop smiling! It was like talking with a life-long friend who just happens to have an incredible gift. She immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. She relayed beautiful, funny messages from my mom…..things that left no doubt in my mind that Veronica is the real deal. We talked about many other things and I was so sad when it had to end. I would, and will, recommend her to anyone! She’s a beautiful soul.

Chrissy Wright

Inspiring! Caring & kind!

I just had my 3 rd session with Miss V! I would Love to talk to her every week! Lol! She is really trying to help everyone. She is so accurate! She reminds me if things that I’ve forgotten:). So, it’s so easy to tell everyone how accurate she is, or how she is most definitely gifted. She blows are actual minds! Lol! But she really is more. Then that. She helps us… anyone who she comes across in personal readings or her online classes. She truly wants all to feel loved by spirit. She wants us all to never feel alone. Like I said earlier, I would gladly pay for a session with her every week! But she won’t let you. She wants us to take away with us the strength & love. To live are life’s fully . I will one day write a book. I really will. And I am Going to have a whole chapter on her, & how she helps all of us. So thx u Miss V. Much love ❤️

Marila Powell

Vee was spot-on and very enlightening. The best reading I’ve ever had

I saw Veronica on the YouTube “Channeling Erik” and felt that she authentic and friendly. My reading with her had several people and issues right on target, gave me several things to help with my day-to-day life, answered all my questions and we enjoyed a few laughs. I felt very satisfied in the information she gave me and will use her again in the future. She was a delight to speak with.

Vikki Young

Phenomenal Reading!

I had an absolutely wonderful and informative reading! Veronica was spot on in everything she told me! We covered a lot of things during my reading. I enjoyed my reading so much,the time flew by and I was not ready for it to end. Veronica makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. You are able to freely share your fears, concerns and questions without ever being made to feel uneasy! I can not wait for my next one! Thank you!

Cheryl Wagner

JUST DO IT – you won’t regret it!

If you’re thinking about joining Conversations for The Soul and getting a reading from Veronica Drake, ‘JUST DO IT – you won’t regret it!’ It’s true what they say – Vee is all heart, joy and SOUL! Vee and her team have created a wonderful new model for ‘readings’- intimate groupings – and the results are surprisingly expansive. So, not only are you getting your questions answered by Vee herself, but you get to learn from the dialogue with other like-minded beings too. Happy Readings, Beloveds!

Rai in NYC

Better Than Expected!!!

When I attend these types of get-togethers, especially when I am not familiar with the reader, the burden of proof is on the host. And let me tell you, Vee did not disappoint. Since it was an intimate group reading and not a private setting, I was hesitant putting myself out there, but Vee’s humor and amazing personality, pulled me right in. She made connections among our small group members that we had no idea existed! We began the session as 4 strangers, but at the end of the session, I felt I had 3 new friends!! Vee was open to all of our questions, which she not only answered freely, she also imparted us with valuable information and resources. If you are currently debating whether or not you should try her Soul Conversations, my recommendation is GO FOR IT! You’ll learn not only about yourself, but how and why the Universe works in mysterious ways. Thank you Veronica for an amazing and energizing evening!

Bo Davis

Vee is the real deal!!

Vee is the real deal!! So very gifted and kind!! I had the very best reading i ever had!! So very helpful!! More than highly recommend her!!!

Kelly J Smithback

OMG!!….what an amazing gift she has!!

How does she do it?? She described my deeply beloved father exactly as he was on earth!! It was a little embarrassing for me to share my painful, not so happy stories. By the way Vee; at first when you mentioned a red car and a 17 year old in a car accident; I realized later that day; it was my grandson who crashed my beloved Toyota Camry back in 2013. Luckily, nothing happened to him, but I did feel the loss of a car I loved very much, but no more than my grandson.

Daisy Pasmin

Spot On, Hilarious, Real, Down to Earth

I had seen her videos before so I sort of had an idea what to expect and really like her personality so I thought why not? Really thankful I did, she was incredibly spot on with a lot of the things she said, she’s absolutely hilarious and was able to confirm for me a lot of things I had been questioning and I didn’t even have to bring up! Loved the reading, highly recommend, amazing gift but beyond that just an incredible and down-to-earth human being. Love ya Vee 🙂


I had so much fun!

I know Veronica from Channeling Erik and am a Connect Member. Veronica is so genuine and compassionate. I prepared a list of questions and contacts. She covered all of them and and more. She made me feel relaxed and laughed a few times. After the session I felt kind of giddy and happy the rest of the night. I feel very lucky to have met her and had a session. I’m looking forward to more.

Diane Ayon

Veronica has changed my life for the better!! I am so grateful to have come across her.

I have been working with Vee’s Connect Membership since December of 2019 and in that same month I had my first reading with her. She was not only spot on she was also very patient with me because I was all over the place and I was so excited to have a reading. I felt calm with her. Then in January of 2020 I started with the Soul Sessions with Vee and let me tell you, that experience has been the reason I have changed the way I live my life. I learned how to shift my perspective, clear out what no longer serves me and meditate. In addition to all of that I continue my intuitive readings with Vee because I want to and I am honored that she really works with me and my life. I had a reading today and I feel so positive right now I am excited to continue this journey with her, Connect Membership, and any and all the classes she offers because her words are gold to me. The experts she brings in to help us understand a number of different topics from Angels, Twin Flames…etc., and I really appreciate her as a person, she has changed my life!

Alma Beatrice Hilke

Loved my reading!

I loved my reading with Veronica! She is so friendly and it feels like you’re talking to an old friend. So comforting.

Also very spot on with my reading. I heard from numerous friends and family members who gave some very timely messages.

So happy I did this and can’t wait for more readings in the future!

Brittany Kalscheur

I found the watch, right where Vee said it would be

Hi Veronica, Recently had a reading with you and, through you, asked my deceased husband about finding his expensive designer watch that had been mislaid for over a year. Through you, he told me to check in his sock drawer and you then said that the angels would help me to find the watch before my upcoming trip to Denmark. Well, that seemed highly unlikely, since I had already been through that drawer many times before. However, yesterday, I suddenly had a strong urge to go immediately to that area and look there again. Now, however, there was a large brown paper bag on top of the socks. as it had been some time since I had last checked the drawer. I was in the process of removing that bag when I felt led to check its contents. Inside was a smaller plastic bag and inside that bag was a small sock bag and inside THAT bag was the missing watch! 😇 Thank you so much or assisting me to find my husband’s watch! I am planning to gift it to his only brother in Denmark when I visit this summer.

Warmest regards, Marysia W.

Wow! just wow

Vee is a very welcoming soul with a blessed connection beyond the Vail ..she told me things that showed me the authenticity of the message and great insight into my life….I will be getting another one soon..much love and light

Jodi Garza

Incredible Readings and Classes

I’ve had 2 readings and 1 Soul Session with Veronica and both turned out amazingly helpful. I love that she does so much more than just connecting with loved ones on the other side. I was completely stuck in what felt like an eternal hamster wheel until in a reading, she had brought up a current pattern in my life that I hadn’t been able to see myself. Since then, I have made massive changes and my life has completely turned around. Beyond the amazing help in the readings, I’ve been taking the classes online. The videos are so simple and easy to incorporate into everyday life. I can’t say thank you enough, I am so grateful.

Tammy Bearinger

Honest and real. V is like that friend you love to be around, and just gets you.

I found Veronica through the Channeling Erik videos. Of all the spiritual guests, I was just drawn to her authenticity and over all happiness. She exudes it. I ordered a numerology reading and phone reading as a birthday gift to myself. She was the same down to earth V on the phone, as if I’d known her. I had no real pressing issues but some health problems at the time. She was blunt and honest that there were no tea pressing issues in my life at the time, but that I needed to take better care of myself and my body. She saw inflammation in my system from too much sugar and a generally poor diet, and stress. I needed to figure out a job situation to decrease my stress at work. That was very relevant at the time. So, she confirmed things I already knew, and saw one of my deceased female relatives who was echoing the same. Take better care of yourself. I haven’t had time this year to schedule a birthday reading, but plan on it. Just know, Veronica is the real deal, no hype. She will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear or something smoothed over. If you are drawn to her, it is for a reason so trust it and listen with an open mind. The universe brings us what we need when we need it, and I hope V knows that she is truly a healthcare worker for that universal rule. Her light is bright, and she is such a blessing to everyone around her.

Amy Barresi

My Life Is Forever Changed

Veronica Drake has been a highly trusted mentor, friend, and teacher. I’ve been able to utilize her Connect School, as a development platform and a safe space to learn and grow. Each day I determined and realized more about who I was, and how my gifts functioned. I was provided with constant support and was able to build several peer to peer connections; which have collectively catapulted into a beautiful and profound spiritual journey. Today I’m a successful small business owner, a practicing medium, a public figure, and I owe many thanks to Vee, Spirit, and Connect. Thank you for providing a space where I could hone my craft, and step into my own power. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity, the experience, space, and interaction I was able to encounter and take part in. Abundant Blessings!

Stephanie Enora Perez

I’m hooked!

I’ve had two readings with Veronica so far and each one was on point . She validates with great detail and quickly tunes in to the issues at hand . Veronica covers a lot of ground in a short period of time and always puts me at ease. She is like a life coach that guides you through spirit!

Patricia Irwin

A Perfect Reading.. Spot on and Refreshingly Real

My reading with Veronica was remarkably spot-on. Her amazing ability to connect instantaneously was remarkable, but her connection to them was even more astonishing. Real as real gets. The blend of direct access to the other side and spirit, with instant details, and her amazing compassion and insight made our 45 min the most refreshing and accurate reading I’ve had in a long while. Veronica is the real thing. I’ve booked 2 more appointments. In gratitude.

Cari Cole


When Vee did a reading for me I was not in a real great space, my life was spinning like a tornado and with no way of hope. Then Vee told me things about my life where I was like “What how”? She was right on, on more than one level in my life. Since then I have forgiven my father so he can have peace and also have reached a deeper understanding of myself and am closer to God. I have learned to grow my own intuition stills and am finding that the Spiritual world has been reaching me in all different ways. THANK YOU VEE!!! I will never forget how you have helped me grow and am so thankful u came into my life when u did!

Linda Hermann

Veronica brings forth crisp and clear messages!!!!

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Veronica. My dad recently passed and she was able bring him forth which was amazing. My dads messages were fantastic and brought so much comfort to me. which helped my healing process. Veronicas messages are always clear and precise!! You will not be disappointed. Looking forward to my future readings with her!!!!

Christine Thiro