Empowering heart-centered creatives to build a stronger connection to Spirit 

Calling all aspiring psychic mediums. Practice in a safe nurturing environment.

You have answered Spirits call. You know you were born to communicate with the world beyond your five senses. You embrace a willingness to deepen all connections earthly and other worldly. You have a strong desire to help serve and heal the world. You are ready to awaken even more deeply. Welcome home!!!

Come together and join me on this journey into life beyond the veil. Practice connecting to resources (both seen and unseen) that will help you strengthen your spiritual muscles. The primary connection happens within you. Join the Sisterhood of  spiritually creative women and experience an incredible journey of exploration, expansion and evolution into the world beyond your five senses.

I am committed to helping women confidently grow  their spiritual abilities so that they can use them in their own lives to make healthier decisions and release the anxiety of wondering if they can trust what’s coming through. And, ultimately go on to help others. To be of service. To help heal the world. It’s time to answer your calling! - Vee

 It’s time to come out of the proverbial closet and share your abilities with the world. Get ready to open up and share what you already know. Stand in your truth of being a psychic being! You were born that way, no more hiding it.   


Join me (and your Sisterhood) on a journey of self-revelation and acceptance. As a Sisterhood we stand united and committed to each other's growth and personal ascension. We cry with each other, we laugh with each other, we celebrate and we practice with each other.

Grab Your Seat

Next session begins September 13th.. join our little Sisterhood of spiritually awakening Souls..

We will spend the season of autumn together sharing,  expanding and releasing your spiritual abilities into the world. Eight weeks of learning, laughing and BE-coming more in tune with the world beyond your five senses. Practice! Practice! Practice!

The agenda is organic and will consist of what Spirit puts forward. The classes will include hands-on participation. Lots of practice. Lots of sharing.

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  • You can expect to come away confidently knowing what your natural spiritual abilities are and how to access and use them daily.

  • You can expect a deep support system of like minded Souls who are cheering you on unconditionally.

  • You can expect to safely walk the line between worlds with confidence.

  • You can expect to know your own Soul intimately.

  • You can expect to establish consistent, clear connections with your own Spirit Team.

  • You can expect to be received with love and kindness.

  • You can expect LOTS of practice! 

  • These classes are intended to take what you already know and build upon it so that you can come away seeing clearly how to use your abilities in the world.

If you are ready...


Sept 13 - Nov. 1st

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EDT 

Paid In Full


  • 8 Weeks of 60- 90 minute group class 
  • Exclusive access to a private online group
  • Access to Vee to ask questions personalized guidance in the private community



  • 8 Weeks of 60-90 minute group class 
  • Exclusive access to a private online group
  • Access to Vee to ask questions personalized guidance in the private community

Vee’s classes have changed my life, the spiritual, self reflection, and support are all in this fantastic group of people. We are a tribe that helps each other. Vee has brought us together , with her fun ,down to earth personality. You learn, you laugh, you grow. - Cheryl

Meet Vee

Veronica Drake is a Spiritual Teacher who specializes in the psychic mediumship arenas. Her focus on building confidence, developing intuition and guiding women to their soul purpose has positioned her as the go to teacher for all spiritual learning. Her unique creative style and innovative processes coupled with her cheerleader-like enthusiasm instantly set her apart from others. 

Veronica is a certified Spiritual Counselor and practicing psychic medium who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Nick.

Refund Policy
We understand that this program may not be for everyone, and we strive to provide a fair refund policy. Please review the following refund policy.
 Cancellation within 24 Hours of First Class: If you decide to cancel your enrollment within 24 hours of the first class, you are eligible for a full refund. Please notify us via email at [email protected] to request a refund.
Cancellation after 24 Hours of First Class: If you cancel your enrollment after 24 hours of the first class, you will not be eligible for a refund.
Refund Process: If you are eligible for a refund as per the policy above, refunds will be processed within 7 business days of receiving your cancellation request. The refund will be issued to the original payment method used for the enrollment.
Non-transferable: Refunds are non-transferable and can only be issued to the original enrollee.
Please note that our refund policy is strictly enforced, and exceptions may not be granted. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact us at [email protected].