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Artist Statement


I am a firm believer that every human has the ability to get messages from the Spirit world. I also believe that most humans don’t trust themselves enough to honor that innate ability. This is why Oracle Art™ was conceived. These pieces are created to assist people who long to receive messages but feel stuck. They are inspiring and inviting to the eye but beyond that there is a connection to universal wisdom. 


Oracle Art™ was divinely given to me one morning while sitting in meditation. The work is created on ceramic tile using alcohol ink. I am in full channel mode as I am conceiving each piece.  The movement of my hand and the element of air help bring to life the unique design of each piece. No two pieces are ever the same.The images are fluid and offer up messages from spirit. 

What is Oracle Art?


Oracle Art is a living fluid piece of art that is channeled into creation. Each piece has its own breath of life infused. This sacred work is handcrafted and delivered with love.

Oracle Art is designed to be used as a guide, an inspiration to aid you as you connect to the Spirit world. Every angle of your piece has a different message waiting for you. These messages change daily as do you!

Oracle Art Guidance Spot

Miss V, just want to say thank you! My sister Julie had some Oracle Art made for us sisters. All of our art and guidance were so spot on and exactly what each of us needed at this moment. What a wonderful healer, conduit, and receiver you are! Thank you for sharing these gifts with the world.

How Oracle Art is created?


Your uniquely channeled piece is an extension of YOU. Each piece is given a name by Spirit. Once you order your art, I channel your Higher Self, as well as, your guides to bring forth a Divine union created just for YOU! Your art comes with a Divine message.

Existing pieces of Oracle Art are always Divinely channeled with a universal message for the collective. Whether you commission a uniquely downloaded piece or purchase a piece of existing art you are drawn you will always feel the power of the message!

What is Oracle Art created on?


Each piece is designed on a 4×4 ceramic tile. Tiles are sealed and protected with a strong varnish and sealant. Other pieces are created on high-quality photo paper and are original pieces or you can purchase prints of the original. No matter how you purchase your art it all works the same way.

I promise you you will want to collect more than one piece! Think of these as Oracle Cards… Use them to do readings for yourself and others!

How to use your Oracle Art?


Display your art in a place you see daily. When you order your art you have the choice of a mini easel or a magnet to display your art.

Allow yourself 10 minutes every morning and evening to review your piece. Turn your piece in different directions and watch it come alive with guidance. Make sure you have a pen and paper to note the guidance. Once you are used to receiving ask specific questions and feel your answers flow. The beauty of this work is that it engages your creativity and imagination and Spirit is ever-present when you are in this frequency.

Your guidance will come in flashes. You may see images within your image that in turn triggers thoughts, memories, or phrases. This IS how Spirit communicates.

Pricing for custom tiles:


  • 4in x 4in – $50+ shipping (includes shipping in US)
  • 6in x 6in – 60+ shipping(includes shipping in US)

Purchase Oracle Art

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