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Spiritual Development Shown to Reduce Anxiety and Depression


18 January 2023
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The world has experienced a dramatic 25% overall increase in anxiety and depression triggered by COVID-19, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and young people and women are hit worst. The American Institute of Stress reported in September 2022, “About 33% of people report feeling extreme stress, 77% percent of people experience stress that affects their physical health, and 73% percent of people have stress that impacts their mental health.”
The desperate need for emotional support to help people reduce anxiety and depression is tremendous. Spiritual development services is one such option. Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach, Veronica Drake, shares from the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, “Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of the problems in a person’s life can have their root in the spiritual dimension.”
In support of spiritual wellness,Veronica Drake provides clients with a step-by-step process to instantly access their inner calmness. The process, known as CALM© (clear, acknowledge, label, message), involves helping people quiet their minds so that they can begin to understand who they really are. CALM is a key topic taught in her successful membership group called Going Within.
Veronica Drake is a dynamic internationally recognized Spiritual Mentor and Teacher . Her mission is helping women grow their confidence, develop their intuition, and find their soul’s purpose. A sought-after Keynote and Motivational Speaker, and frequent radio/podcast guest, her down-to-earth relatable approach is a magnet for people of all ages and places. She has been called a ‘life changer’, ‘guardian angel and cheerleader rolled into one’, and ‘coach, intuitive and magician.’ Since her entrepreneurial start in 1996, her business has grown dramatically, including past live readings as the foundational start to identify soul blockages for spiritual healing.