Hey there, I’m Veronica Drake!

Most days you can find me laughing, working with clients, serving my members in my online membership and sipping coffee.

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher. My mission is to make the spiritual practical. I help people live in real life the stuff they may just be reading about!

The things I am most passionate about in life are family, freedom, simplicity, and empowering women to live beyond their five senses.

How It Started For Me

I am a Spiritual Messenger. I knew at age 25 that I had “the ability”. I was 7 months pregnant with my second son when my beloved grandfather unexpectedly passed away. I was extremely close to him and this rocked my world. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and I cried non stop. It was shortly after he passed that he came to me. I was wide awake and crying and I saw him standing directly in front of me. He appeared much younger than when he passed, but I could recognize him.

He told me very clearly that he was OK, and that I need not worry about him or miss him as he will always be with me. He told me to focus on giving birth to a healthy baby and to create my own loving family.

He disappeared almost as quickly as he appeared.  That’s where my love of connecting to spirit began. But, due to a very low level of self confidence I never pursued it any further at that time. But the story goes on…