• Internationally recognized spiritual intuitive and mentor.
  • Full time practitioner giving personal and group readings since 1996.
  • Working with people in over 150 countries across all seven continents, experience the human experience in many cultures around the world.
  • Helping people from various walks of life such as business professionals (active and retired), people in the entertainment industry, military personnel and empty nesters.
  • Impacting people’s lives through connection to Spirit (Soul Whispers).
  • Teaching spiritually curious people how to apply powerful spiritual tools (Going Within).

Veronica Drake is a highly recognized international psychic medium who holds a Metaphysical degree in Spiritual Counseling. She is a professionally trained Spiritual Life Coach. As a sought-after Motivational Speaker, and frequent radio/podcast guest, her down to earth, relatable approach is a magnet for people of all ages and places.

She is the creator of Oracle Art. Art that helps you see life beyond your five senses. She is also the founder of Going Within, the membership for women who are ready to gain more confidence, clarity and consistency when it comes to spirit communication.