Blaming other people for the shit you create and attract?

Hey Girl, Here’s your kick in the ass!


You are creating your own drama and chaos because you’re letting your busy mind override your intuitive heart. Which disconnects you from Spirit.  Snap out of it!

Stop reacting and start responding to your subtle voice within… 

It’s time for you to get CALM©.

CALM©  is a step-by-step process to help you to manage anxiety, strengthen your spirit connection, and build your confidence to get the answers you need now. 

We live in a world that moves fast and expects instant gratification. Everyone is struggling to keep up but very few admit it outloud or to themselves. There is a perception that it is weak! This produces major anxiety itself. Add in the conditioning you were raised with and you have a recipe for a very messy life.

Have you ever had someone tell you just suck it up, or get your shit together, or stop worrying or the big one - it’s all in your head! I’m never going to tell you any of  that because I DO NOT believe that. I KNOW first hand anxiety is real and can rob you of the life you so desperately want and deserve. It’s debilitating and is a breeding ground for physical illness.

In my 20’s I was a young wife and mother who was addicted to xanax. My family's answer to feelings. Every time you had a feeling that wasn’t happy they said, “did you take your nerve pill”?  God forbid you feel it. Listen, I am all about a pill if you need it, but I am also all about using your own body to heal. The energy that flows through you knows you! It’s time to hear it and trust it!

It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I found my way out of the constant struggle. Now I realize a certain amount of worry is very normal and can even be a guide if connected properly.

Here are some signs you may be experiencing anxiety. Can you relate?

  • Inability to make decisions
  • Can’t quiet your mind
  • Irritability
  • Need to control
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Constantly thinking somethings wrong
  • Constant general worry 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Tense muscles 
  • Struggle with concentrating
  • Overwhelmed with life

I'm Veronica Drake, a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher who helps women to break free from life long anxiety and create clear consistent spirit connections to live a simpler, healthier  life.

I am a straight shooter, no nonsense kinda girl. I get right to the point and together we go deep within to find your pain… physical or emotional and with spirit’s guidance we remove it!

This is NOT a one size fits all. Each Soul is unique and carries its own contract. Keeping that in mind we are led exactly to what you most need to reveal and heal.

How the session works:


I am your guide throughout the entire session. I begin by bringing in the white light and guiding it through your entire body. The light is filling and cleansing each chakra center.

Once the centers are all clear and open, we begin the process of acknowledging what’s going on in your physical body. You begin to identify the sensations, the feelings, and the emotions. You offer them Grace and acceptance.

The next step is to allow them to label themselves. What do these feelings want to be called? You will learn to allow the label to flow into your knowing gently and without judgment.

The final step is moving on to the messages. You will receive direct messages from your intuitive voice, higher self, spirit, whatever source is loving and benevolent, that you value. These messages will be filled with guidance and will offer you clarity on which path to take.

This is also NOT a once and done deal. This requires your constant presence and attention. Once you learn this amazing process you will be responsible for giving it life. I promise you it's super simple. I will guide you through and  once your session is over you will have a recording of it to guide you forever!

Straight up this is NOT for you if…

You are looking for someone to tell you what to do to solve xyz.

You are not going to follow through

You are reading this and already skeptical 

You aren't willing to take responsibility for your own life

You are wanting a reading

This IS for you if…

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired 

You’re ready to learn how to hear spirit 

You’re ready to face the truth - you need help

You’re ready to experience a better quality of life overall 

You’re ready to confront the trapped emotions inside of you

You’re ready to sleep better, think better, feel better

Here are the details:

  • To book your private 45 minute session use this link. Don’t know how to use zoom? We got you. There will be a how-to link in your confirmation email.
  • Once you click to book you will choose a time that works best for you. 
  • You will be given the choice of phone or zoom for your session. In order for me to record it you need to use zoom. If you want to use your phone and you can record it, that's cool too. You WILL need a recorded version of your session! 
  • The session is $150

IMPORTANT - once you book you will get an email. PLEASE check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it within the hour of booking. If you are a gmail user, click here for more information.

BOOK Calm Session NOW - $150

Here is what people are saying about CALM©

Calming feeling and a sense of relief.

When I was able to keep the light focused, I actually felt exactly “where” the light was by tingling and pulses. I internally heard the message which I feel is what I needed to hear. After it was done, it was definitely a calming feeling and a sense of relief.


Experienced peace and felt lighter.

I loved the experience with CALM© !!! I had the tingling sensation all over but mostly around my head afterwards. I also experienced peace and felt lighter. It’s definitely something that I will practice on a daily basis. Thank you Vee!!!


I love the CALM© process!

I connected with the tension in my shoulders and neck and that it is causing headaches I have been experiencing lately. I got that it is from resentment from sacrificing.


I would love for you to experience life without anxiety. Are you ready?


Veronica Drake is a dynamic internationally recognized spiritual intuitive and psychic medium. Her mission is helping women grow their confidence, develop their intuition, and find their soul’s purpose. A sought-after Keynote and Motivational Speaker, and frequent radio/podcast guest, her down-to-earth relatable approach is a magnet for people of all ages and places. She has been called a ‘life changer’, ‘guardian angel and cheerleader rolled into one’, and ‘coach, intuitive and magician.’ Since her entrepreneurial start in 2009, her business has grown dramatically, including past live readings as the foundational start to identify soul blockages for spiritual

BOOK Calm Session NOW - $150