Winter Solstice 2023

growth soul spirit vision Dec 21, 2022
Frozen drop of water on tree branch

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. Its conception time for me!!

Many of us hear the call of our inner desires and dreams, it is often difficult to find the path forward to our own awakening. The time best suited for this is upon us. The season of darkness is upon us. This is a season to be revered and honored for what it is… the great teacher. This time of darkness offers encouragement to explore one's deepest emotions and feelings and to deep drive within.

The light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle at Winter Solstice. The rays illuminate the dark and nurture the newborn life awaiting cultivation. All of nature experiences this. The seeds are buried deep in the earth as they stay fed by the rays of the Sun. The roots expand in new directions as they grow deeper into the security of mama earth.

In winter everything lies still in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection which leads to new pathways.

The energy of winter is one of Going Within. The darkness calls our soul’s to explore new inspirations and possibilities. Consciously, connecting our awareness to nature's cycles offers us insight into our personal and spiritual growth.

Fearing our own personal darkness cuts off the essential connection to the source of our own personal power. Practicing not letting the darkness overwhelm our lives is all part of the soul's mission. The soul needs darkness. You will never have light without darkness! This is the way to enlightenment.

Experiencing our emotions ignites our inner light. What feels too hard will become familiar as you allow the darkness to cradle you with its deep insight. Your feelings are YOUR TRUTH. Let them unfold naturally.

Winter Solstice is the great STILLNESS.

Let go of the need to make any immediate changes allow the energies of new inspiration take root deep inside of you. Offer yourself a gentle reprieve from the daily hustle and bustle. Commit to stillness at various times throughout your day this season. Become childlike with your imagination guiding the way. Open pathways that hold the promise of a bright future.

I am not here to tell you how to honor the dark but rather I want to remind you to embrace the dark in a way that feeds your soul. Maybe you have rituals or ceremonies you partake in this season or perhaps you are like me and silently honor the breath acknowledging all the possibilities it carries.

However you chose to mark the end of a season in your life, whether you take a pause or celebrate with the community you are one very important part of the whole

[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], during this time of Going Within you may want to be part of a tribe… a community to help hold sacred space for each other. Exploring the dark together can make it seem less scary and even more welcomed.

Going Within is an online spiritual community for women who are looking to walk through the dark and into the brilliant light they were created to be!

You’ve walked a few spiritual paths… seeking deeper connection, peace, growth, and love. You’ve weathered a few challenges, obstacles and even losses over your lifetime. Most likely you’ve found yourself searching for something only to feel more confused. You have a deep appreciation for all things seen and unseen.


You have looked for a safe, sacred, space to explore to discover to expand spiritually. Whatever the reason you found your way here, it was meant to be.




It’s time to…

Learn how intuitive/ psychic you truly are.

Let the spirit world speak to you as you learn who you are and why you came here.


Take time to be still with YOUR TRIBE check out Going Within and create a vision for your life that supports your dreams! GOING WITHIN

I hope to see you in our safe, empowering, FUN community!