What role does your soul play in this lifetime?

soul spirit Oct 03, 2022

When humans first came into existence survival was based on how well the tribe worked together. Each person with their unique soul type had a role to fulfill within the tribe. Depending on the age of the soul, roles were fulfilled by specific individuals who were best qualified for the role. 

Even though we are millions of years advanced this still applies. Within the context of each family everyone has their role to fulfill. Fulfilling this role is also synonymous with living your life’s purpose. With each lifetime your soul advances and may select a different trait or it can revisit the same traits over and over until it feels accomplished in that role. 

What are the soul’s roles?

In all families/tribes exists; the hunter, the nurturer, the teacher, the analyst, the creator, the entertainer, the leader, the activist, the healer, the spiritualist

Each role was designed to ensure the safety and survival of the entire tribe. The hunter fed the tribe, the analyst calculated risks and discovered new ways to move forward, the teacher educated the tribe, the activist introduced and initiated change,  etc, etc, etc… Each role was very tailored and each soul fit the role perfectly. 

Today we are less about survival and more about advancement. We pretty much have the survival thing down and now we must focus on the evolution of the tribe. As a whole humanity is evolving at warp speed. Each role is getting more evolved too. It is more important than ever to know your role and serve in that capacity to advance not only yourself but also the collective. 

It’s not about age

It’s not about being a specific human age when fulfilling a role but rather the level (age) of the soul. If you don’t know your soul’s age learn more about it here. A child in the family can be the activist and the father the nurturer. Gender and age are not a factor. 

  • When reviewing the list of roles which one does your heart connect with? 
  • Can you see the traits that support that role showing up in you daily?
  • Who in your current family fills each role?
  • Who in your work environment fills these roles?

Take a few minutes and write out the characteristics you feel accompany each trait.

Example:  The Hunter… Courageous, calculating, predatory, intuitive… what can you add to the list?

Identify your role for clarity

Identifying your role creates a lot of clarity and confidence when it comes to evolving during this lifetime. For example , if you are a creator type and you are serving in a role that requires analytics you may be struggling. Developing to the fullest potential requires awareness. 

Firstly, identify the trait that most resonates with you and explore small ways you can give it life in your current situations. Start small and work your way up until you are in alignment in all areas of your life with your souls traits. 

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