Waking up to Your Inner Light

psychic spirit Dec 27, 2022
psychic spiritual reading

When nothing is happening around you, and you're feeling numb and self-doubt, you'll realize many things and start looking up to other people and wondering why some people are always happy and content! Why do they have all the answers and remain unfazed no matter what happens around them? Unable to comprehend it, we almost immediately label them lucky not to be on the hamster wheel or blessed with nothing to worry about.

And as you gradually grasp the concepts, you will realize that the adage "When the student is ready, the Teacher appears" applies to everyone, including Veronica Drake, who believes in psychic medium spirituality. And by using our insight into it all, we've added a few tips to help your subconscious mind relax.

Take a Moment to Reflect: Pause for a minute without rushing to break the non-stop chatter of your conscious mind. You will realize that your mind is a functional organ, and since it will be your ruler, you will be in charge of it.

Let's Go: Take things slowly, and don't get too worked up about everything. Teach yourself to relax when you need to. Most of the time, you will realize that this is not something to be concerned about. So, according to your understanding, try to let go of a few things.

Breathe Now: When you arrive on this planet, your every breath is counted. So, whenever you are stressed, try to focus on your breath and calm yourself to listen to it. You will feel more connected and assured that 'you are in Control.'

Experience the Power of the Subconscious: You may refer to it as intuition, the dormant mind, or the auto-pilot, but we at Veronica Drake, an expert in psychic spiritual reading, prefer to define it simply as the one with no ego! This moment will make you realize that there is an untapped power that resides in everyone that is free of expectations and has introduced you to your 'Higher Self,' a self that you knew existed but were unsure of what it was or how to reach it.

Believe: Without it, there is nothing. Because experts say you will become what you think, and until you stop thinking and believing, this will never happen. Belief is like a seed, so learn how to plant and nurture it; after all, you are a designer of your life.

Feel Connected: This is also a step to awakening your inner light, which allows you to feel connected to the things around you. As you continue to peel away the layers of self-doubt, ego, and negativity and replace them with Hope, Faith, and Belief because you know the former will lead you nowhere and the latter will lead you somewhere.


The tips mentioned above will help you understand things better and bring you closer to your inner self. People do not have enough time in this busy world to know what they are truly feeling, but Veronica Drask, who has experience in psychic spiritual reading, will tell you and help you find the true you.