Top Challenges Each Soul Choses

soul spirit Oct 03, 2022

Being human can be hard. I think we can all agree to that. But, did you know that YOUR SOUL chose those challenges? 

Are you the kind of person who is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or maybe, you are the kind of person who needs the distractions to make it through life.  Both of these are indications of the challenge your Soul came in with.  Yes, the Soul chooses challenges. 

I have a list of the top challenges that our Souls tend to gravitate towards. These are in no special order. Some ambitious Souls may decide to take on more than one. This is by no means a complete list but rather a list I have found to be inclusive enough to help my clients create major changes in their lives and so I use this list. 

Top Challenges Each Soul Choses 

  1.  Obstinacy
  2.  Restlessness
  3.  Self-sacrifice
  4.  Self destruction
  5.  Compulsion
  6.  Insecurities
  7.  Self importance 
  8.  Detachment
  9.  Cynicism
  10. Aggression

If you are like most people you cling to your challenges as if your life depends on it. You have been conditioned to believe that they are helping you, keeping you safe, protecting you. But here’s the reality dot-dot-dot if you don’t recognize them and release them they will bring you down.

Most people have one primary Challenge and one secondary challenge. That’s very common. If you are an old soul you may have more than two.  Your challenges can absolutely be overcome. The way to do this is to understand the positive outcome of the challenge and to avoid the negative or the shadow side of the challenge. We want to embrace the light side. Live in the light while acknowledging the shadow side and move beyond it. This is the true challenge. This is how a soul evolves.

 Once you understand your challenges and embrace them life will change.

Take a few minutes to call in your guides and let them help you identify your challenge. 

You can recite something like this…

I call upon my Spirit guides that have my highest and greatest good at heart to help me identify my greatest challenge in this lifetime. I ask for the guidance, wisdom and protection needed to embrace this challenge in a way that supports my evolution. 

In closing… I hope this gives you a head start on exploring your Souls challenges. There is way more to this than I can possibly put in an article. This includes your free will and the choices you make or don’t make.  This also includes your conditioning and your past life lessons left to experiences. If this interests you and you want a private understanding book your 60 minute session here ->

I’ve had more than one reading with Veronica and can honestly say I’m never disappointed! Her candor, sense of humor and enthusiasm is so refreshing. She does not pretend to know something she doesn’t and what she does impart always has the ring of truth to it. I’ve been on a journey of enlightenment for the past three years and am so grateful to have found Vee!

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