The Four Pillars of Psychic Development

connection creativity psychic psychicdevelopment vision Nov 14, 2022
4 roman pillars

Everyone has the ability to see beyond their five senses. I often times have to stop and remind myself that it comes so naturally to me that I need to share what I’ve learned over the years very simply.

In this article I am sharing four pillars that are mandatory for developing your inner knowing.  They are in no particular order. The most important thing is that you practice all four consistently and with intention. 

As you walk through these four pillars you will be re-awakening to the fundamental truth that your inner voice is always talking to you. I am not telling you this is an easy road but the alternative is to stay stuck!!

The saying teach a man to fish comes to mind. Yes, I do readings, and yes, I love doing them and I am very good at them… BUT, I want YOU to know how to read for yourself (and others if that’s a goal). 

These four pillars will help you master the art of psychic knowing. Like all mastery it takes patience and time. Be committed to practicing every day and release any preconceived ideas about your development. No comparison and no harsh self-talk! 


The Pillar of Vision: Getting in touch with your pain, community, and inner warrior creates your passion and drive. You build a fire that urges you to push your boulder up that hill.  This is all about AWARENESS - Seeing yourself as you truly are.  What are you most passionate about? What are the pain points in your life?  Take time and write out your answer. Create your vision around this.  

The Pillar of Connection: Your passion gives you the strength and courage  to overcome the opinions and voices of other people. Connection to a deeper spiritual source strengthens your relationships with others in the physical world, as well as the beings in the spirit world. This is all about STILLNESS.  Create a sacred space to establish a connection with stillness. Once you have your space set an intention to honor the guidance that comes forth. Make sure to have a journal with you so that you can capture your experiences.  

Pillar of Receptivity: Your ability to be in positive relationships (both spiritually and physically) gives you the elevated vibration to receive new guidance. Practice letting go of control and open yourself to support and direction from your inner voice. Open up to the teachers who are put on your path to help you, both in physical reality and in spirit.  This is all about RECEIVING. Make a list of what needs to be let go to make more room to receive Divinely.

Pillar of Creativity: Building trust and an experience of co-creation (rather than control) allows you to be more vulnerable in your self-expression, allowing more and more authentic thoughts and ideas to flow through you from your inner voice that allows you to achieve deeper levels of healing, insight and wisdom - by uncovering more and more of your old pain until you find the gold within your heart. This is all about SELF-EXPRESSION. Set aside time weekly to be creative. Make a list of practical creative activities that you feel excited about. Make your own deck of oracle cards. Take one card a week and design it. Make it uniquely you. 

If you are looking for your tribe, a group you can trust and feel nurtured in check out Going Within.