Meet Members of Your Spirit Team

growth guidance guides spirit Mar 19, 2023

Learning to work with spirit guides opens you up to a deeper understanding of your world and of your role in it. Working closely with spirit guides will help you access insights and guidance to navigate the various aspects of your Souls contract. Also, your team offers insight to the current path you are traveling daily. 

A spirit guide is a higher being, such as an angel, spirit animal, Star Being, Ancestoror Ascended Master, that supports you on your spiritual journey. They each have a unique frequency and offer unique perspectives and wisdoms to guide you during this life.

The key to working with spirit guides is to establish a connection. One way to do this is through meditation. Meditation will allow you to enter a state of relaxation, helping you get out of your own headspace and be more open to receiving guidance from your spirit guides.

When you enter into a meditative state, take some time to invite in your spirit guides. You may get a visual of a figure, maybe  white or gold light, perhaps even symbols such as a flower, mountain, or tree, an animal, or simply a ball of  energy. How they appear to you is unique to you. Like all relationships you must invest time and commitment to getting to know them. Once you are familiar with each you can begin the communication. 

You can also communicate with your spirit guides through journaling or by writing down your questions and responses. You can also get creative, such as using tarot or Oracle cards, or even picking yes or no using cards. 

Invest in the time it takes to learn to trust the  messages that come in. Always remember to  offer them  your gratitude. You can thank them either out loud or in your head. Make a commitment  to return to the day's activities with your newfound insights.

Learning to work with your spirit guides can open up a world of insight and give you greater clarity on how to follow your true path. When engaging in conversations with your spirit guides, always show respect, follow your intuition and be open to whatever comes your way.

Important to remember.. 

We are never alone. Each human comes in with a direct connection home. If that connection becomes distorted or even perceived lost you still have a home team guiding you. Below are some of the main support systems we have surrounding us daily.  

Star Beings are guides from the stars; Pleiades, Orion, Arcturian,Andromedon, Sirian and many others. These loving gentle star beings are guides for humanity and especially nurture the starseed souls. A Star Being may feel very familiar to you as you may have spent many lifetimes together.

These beings are all about helping humanity evolve and grow as souls here on earth. The star beings that have actually gone through the ascension are most likely to focus on helping humanity through that.  If you are experiencing ascension symptoms you will be best served to call forward an already ascended star being. 


Ascended Masters are the spiritual beings who have lived as humans and mastered their own spiritual transformation while on earth. They are known to be very powerful teachers and guides for all who are on their way to ascension. 

Ascended Masters have done the work necessary to master the emotional and physical challenges we humans are currently facing. They’re role is to help us navigate the ascension with perseverance while seeing the joy of the journey. 

A few Ascended Masters are Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Krishna, Merlin and Saint Germain. 

An Ancestor guide  is connected to you through genetics or your spiritual lineage. They are deceased loved ones that were connected to you many lifetimes ago or even family from this lifetime. More often than not Ancestor guides come from further back in your lineage. This could be a great grandparent or great, great great grandparent.

From a spiritual lineage perspective it could even be a guru or teacher you followed in past incarnations. 

Ancestors have many roles, one of them being a helper in the healing areas of your life. Healing from physical, emotional wounds such as trauma, or even working with your limiting beliefs that have been handed down from generations.  Another way they assist is by showing up as practical day to day guides. Just generally helping you through life.  


Angels come to us from the angelic realm and act as direct Divine messengers for humanity. Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels are the most common form of Angels that guide humanity daily. 

Angels work with humans by communicating messages, transmitting positive inspiring energy directly to humanity.  They also trigger intuition and offer gentle nudges to guide us on our own unique path. They offer insight to the path we have chosen. 

Your Guardian Angel has been with you lifetime after lifetime and knows your Souls unique purpose, mission and strengths. They escort you into opportunities to discover and support your highest truth for this lifetime so that you can evolve and grow. 


Spirit Animals known also as Power Animals or even Totems are guides that show up in animal form. They guide you through life relaying information, inspiration, and offering healing. They will also lend support through challenging times. 

They offer you power and wisdom through their own energy. By knowing the traits and characteristics and powers of your Spirit Animal you can embrace and learn from that energy to help you navigate life situations.  Animals are messengers for humanity. 

Humans can have many Spirit Animal guides but come into each life with one primary Spirit Animal assigned to them. Mostly this animal is chosen based on what the theme for this incarnation will be. Just think of it as added support. 


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