Learn The Language Your Soul Speaks

clairvoyance clares communcation spirit Feb 06, 2023
White stones that say soul on sand with the word languages next week

Understanding the Spirit world is SIMPLE in my opinion. IF you know the language. I am going to break it down super simple for you when it comes to Spirit communication. The problem most folks have is that they overthink it - and everything, which leads to ANXIETY, and shuts everything down! 

Let’s get CLAIR - oops - CLEAR! 

You may know them as the Clair’s. Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience. To keep it simple we are going to work with just these four. 

The clair’s are the language of the Soul and of the Spirit world. If you were to go to Italy and not speak Italian you’d be lost. The idea is you know you’re going you would probably want to learn at least a little bit of Italian, yes? 

If communication with Spirit is important to you it’s time to get learning. 


Clairaudience - CLEAR HEARING

  • The intuitive voice you hear in your head is Clairaudience and it will sound like someone actually talking. However, this voice will never be intrusive or babble on in a fearful anxious way like the human mind.
  • This voice will speak in a calm, even tone.
  • Information your inner voice gives you could come from anyone on your spiritual team: Angels, Spirit guides, loved ones who have passed on, Spirit, Ascended Masters or your HigherSelf.
  • The Voice will never try to scare you. Never harried or fear based. Occasionally this information can be a warning. But it will be gentle and non-threatening. Always very calm.
  • Clairaudient messages are usually brief and to the point. It’s not typically a long dialogue of back and forth. Quick spurts, maybe even one word or phrase, but to the point.


Clairvoyance - CLEAR SEEING

  • Think of Clairvoyance as communicating through pictures.
  • Clairvoyant image has come in flashes and out of the blue, they are fully formed when they appear in your mind
  • Clairvoyant images often use the language of metaphor. For this reason, clairvoyant images can require a bit of reflection to discern their full meaning.
  • Clairvoyant visions  happen while you're awake, Unlike dreams that occur when you're sleeping. Sometimes Clairvoyant visions may come to you right before you go to sleep.
  • Working with clairvoyance can seem like detective work. You're putting together the images to tell a story.


Claircognizance - CLEAR KNOWING

  • Clearcognizant often does not need any reasoning or deduction on the part of the human. These intuitive insights are placed into the Mind fully formed.
  •  Claircognizance helps when we need to understand something complex very quickly.
  • Claircognizance is like a download of information from Spirit on your hard drive, your brain, except this download is instantaneous and fully formed. You just know.
  •  A- ha moments are examples of Claircognizant knowing.
  • Most time Claircognizant intuitive hits will be things you could have never known with your intellectual mind... you get the name of a town you’ve never heard of or the name of a supplement you've never heard of before.
  • With Clairvoyance you must take a moment to interpret the image, and with Clairaudience you might have to pause to listen. But claircognizance is understood instantly.


Clairsentience -CLEAR FEELING

  • Clairsentience is the most common of the four Clair's, so it's the one most people will experience most often.
  • Strong gut instincts or just knowing what decisions to make... whether it's which dress to buy or which house to buy are examples of this.
  • People who are highly clairsentient might not like crowds or being in a space with a crowd because they can easily pick up the emotions of others. Think empath.
  • Clairsentient people learn when it's helpful to tune into other people's energies and how to tune it out when it's unhelpful or overwhelming. They also learn how to protect and nourish their own Energy.
  • Clairsentient folks are also easily affected by the energy of nature, things like crystals, flowers, aromatherapy forests, mountains,or water. 

Think of the Claire's as if you are learning a new language. The language your Soul speaks.Learning a new language takes time. Imagine you were learning Spanish, Japanese or any other language other than your own. Give yourself space and Grace to work with the Claire's. 

You will have break through moments with your intuition when you suddenly find yourself at a brand new level of communication and understanding.