Ordinary Thoughts

mind personal spirit Oct 03, 2022

I’ve taken to writing down random thoughts in a pocket journal.  I have decided to open my randomness up to all of you in hopes of inspiring you to begin your own process.  I find the awareness creates non-judgment and offers me the opportunity to see who I truly am.

There is no logic or order to any of these, as they are organic and free-flowing.  I’m offering you a small snapshot. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.

My feet are cold.

The shape of that tree looks like a Hershey kiss.

Where can I find an empty branch to bring to my Altar?

My coffee is cold.

Why do people assume when I make a FB post I want their opinion?

God, why is he driving so slooooow.  It’s making me nuts!

Watching my parents age is making me sad

Shopping at the loving piece was so soothing. Great vibe. Lots of love. The world needs more love. How can I BE that love?

The pieces of ice in the water look like a jigsaw puzzle.

Why am I always cleaning my kitchen up?

This is a simple snapshot of what’s in my head.  It is fun for me to track my thoughts and observations.  Try it. Let me know what you think!