How To See Auras

Feb 19, 2023
Person with sun and color all around

Every person and every molecule of his body emits energy. To be able to see that is simply about tuning into a certain level of consciousness.

The human energy field (also called the aura) is an invisible field that surrounds us. It encompasses the meridians, major and minor chakras and the energy bodies, including the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies.

The following steps will guide you through the process of actually seeing auras.  Relax and let the process flow.   

Ask the person you want to see the aura of to stand about 10 feet away from you. Make sure that their background is solid. Preferably either white or black. 

Make sure the lighting in the room is neither too bright, nor too dull. Ideal lighting is all natural light.

  1. Now, what you must do is focus on the nose of the person. Don't focus too hard and let the gaze stay relaxed, such that you also focus on your peripheral view. The great thing about our vision is its circularity, and even when you are consciously looking at the person's nose, your peripheral view can help you look at his sides.
  2. What you will begin to see is a shadowy and growing outline to the person's body. It won't be too thick and will be almost transparent . However, you must not get excited and start looking at the shadow instead of focusing straight. Stay relaxed.
  3. Now, peripherally only, start observing the outline that's formed around the person. As you do this, the aura will start appearing before your eyes.
  4. Take your gaze up from the nose to the forehead of the person but let the movement be very gentle. This will give you a better view of their aura.

Also, initially you may just see a single color aura but as you gain confidence and practice, you will start seeing different colors in a single person's aura.


The above takes practice, concentration and patience. You may take a lot of time to get it right or you may take no time at all. It all depends on your level of concentration and how you channel yourself and your consciousness.

To further assist you I created a short video!