How to Re-Write Your Story

mind soul Oct 03, 2022

The truth is, they most likely weren’t lying. They were telling an inherited story the best they could. You see, this story that was told to me came from their own experiences in life… their story. Guess where they got their story… Their elders.

Do you get the picture? How are you telling the story of your life? How are you presenting yourself to the world? Who are you? What is your life all about? What is your life’s main theme?

You are not the events of your life, nor are you the facts of your life. You are the complete version of how you integrate those facts and events INTERNALLY… what YOU believe about them! What are the choices you make based on? How do you determine if something is true for you? How do you connect these things together and make meaning out of them? The narrative of your life (Your Story) becomes a strong part of your identity.


A life story doesn’t just say what happened – it also says why it was important, what it means for you, who did you become through it and who did you continue to become because of it? Once you tell your story to yourself , you will understand yourself in ways you never have. This is where curiosity comes in!

Let’s use the following questions to get a starting point. Grab your journal and let’s dig in!

  • Are you empowering yourself through your story or are you a victim of the circumstances?
  • Is life a struggle or an adventure? Do you see that things happen for a reason?
  • Do you live waiting for the other shoe to drop or do you hold your breath?
  • What is the meaning and the purpose of life? What really matters in life?
  • What is the purpose of Your life? Is the world a safe place and can we trust others?
  • Do the words you use when telling your story express trust or is there anxiety and fear coming through?
  • How do you treat others?
  • Are you kind, can you trust them, do you feel safe, can you be open and authentic?
  • How happy are you?
  • How do you determine happiness?
  • Why is life giving us challenges?
  • How do these challenges impact our life?
  • What is the main theme of your story?
  • If your life were a movie what would the title be?
  • And probably the most important question: Do you want to keep your story, or do you want to change it? Does it work for you, or perhaps rewriting it could make you happier and more empowered?

How clear is your story for you? Sit with this. Can you see patterns of beliefs? Identify the areas where you feel restricted. What’s that part of the story that has you prisoner? “What is my story?” is the single most important question you can ask yourself! Rewriting your story is not about being delusional that bad things are actually good or in denial about anything.It’s all about finding meaning in the events of your life, and to recognise the learning. And, seeing the growth those events created in you. Your Story. Your Life. Let’s rewrite your story! Find a quiet place and let’s do this. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Think back to your childhood.

Start from as early as you remember, and just let memories flow for a couple of minutes. Try to remember as many vivid details as you can, use all of your 5 senses to really experience this memory, but don’t get hung up on a single memory. Instead, keep on moving throughout your story. Write down the story of your life. Recall the most meaningful moments…relationships, events, milestones. It could be something that you noticed or learned about yourself and your world. Something that shifted and shaped your beliefs and perhaps even your sense of identity.

Anything that caused the course of your life to develop in a way that it is today. Write for approximately 10-15 minutes. Discover the current theme of your story. Read your story. Notice what are the most common verbs and themes that show up in the story. Circle the powerful words, emotions, action verbs. Give it a name. If this was a book or a movie, what would be the name of this story? Don’t give it a name that you like or desire, but one that matches the story that you just told.

Change your theme. What theme would you like your story to have? What movie/book title would be the desired one? What is the theme that feels inspiring and powerful to you? Write this new theme (and a title) down.

Rewrite your story. Take a limited time of 10 -20minute and rewrite your story from a perspective of the new theme. Don’t hide or lie about anything – just try to see it from a different perspective. For example, if your new perspective would be “life is an exciting adventure”, keep on asking yourself “if life is an exciting adventure, what did this event mean in my life?”

Take a break. Step away from the new story for a bit. Come back and review it. You may even want to rewrite it again. Put the new story aside for a couple of days. Repeat this process and keep adjusting it in ways that empower and support you. Be honest to your own story. Really put yourself as the main character LIVING this story! Notice How it feels.

Have FUN! This is about re-inventing yourself and taking back the power over your life. It can be challenging, but it is also a beautiful process worth enjoying.

Owning your story and creating it into a story that is meaningful, empowering and authentic for you is one of the most powerful things you can do for your own well-being.

Offer yourself space and grace to explore who you want to BE!

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