How to ask Tarot a Question

soul spirit tarot Oct 03, 2022

Whether you are getting a reading or giving a reading knowing how to phrase a question is foundational to having a successful reading. 

The right questions will reveal insight and answers you seek with consistent clarity. The better the question the better the answer! 

The revelations that Tarot offers can feel unbelievably magical. BUT….. the magic of Tarot really comes from you. Yep, you play a pivotal role in helping Tarot guide you. Your ability to focus with intention and clarity sets the stage for big revelation! You will ALWAYS walk away from a Tarot reading with knowledge and direction that is in your highest good! ALWAYS!

Another component to a great tarot reading is the questions!  Asking the right questions in your Tarot readings is the key to gaining insight and unlocking the answers you seek. When we ask good questions, we get good answers. And similarly, when we ask crappy questions, we get crappy answers.

Tips on how to ask great Tarot questions.

  • Focus. Focus. Focus. The more focused you are on the more your own intuition plays a guiding role in addition to Tarot. 
  • Ask open-ended questions. Readings work best when you are looking for greater insight, wise advice.
  • Don’t ask for specifics!. Tarot readings are not designed to answer questions asking for data or to give exact predictions about the future.
  • Be open! Don’t come into your reading with expectations for certain answers. Tarot is trying to give you the message you need to hear and not the one you want to hear.

How to ask Tarot a question…

DON’T ask questions like these…

“Who is my soulmate?”

“What state should I move to?”

“Will I get a promotion?”

DO ask questions like these…

“What can I do to prepare myself for love?”

“What should I know before making my decision?

“What might be preventing me from advancing in my career?

You can also just throw out a name or a subject to Tarot and let the answers reveal themselves! I prefer this way the best!

Remember the follow up questions.

You ask the main question and once that answer is revealed you can ask for more detail in the follow up. This will offer you added layers of clarity and guidance. 

Here is an example of a line of follow up questions

What is my soul’s purpose is the main question.

Some great follow ups might look like this…

  • How can I best live in alignment with my Soul’s purpose?
  • What is my next layer of inner work to help realize my Soul’s purpose?
  • What resources do I need to cultivate to deepen my knowledge of my Soul’s purpose?
  • What blocks me from understanding my Soul’s purpose?
  • What is in my contract that will help me understand my Soul’s purpose?

Can you see how these follow up questions get to the core of the initial question. Each question is meant to go deeper and deeper. This is the beauty of Tarot! 

Ever had a Tarot reading? Let me know your experience in the comments! 

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Until next time xoxo