How Beliefs Are Formed

beliefs mind mindset personal Oct 26, 2022

Beliefs can be thought of as an invisible force behind your life. Factor in your personality, your genetic set up and your habits, your belief system is most likely the strongest influence that affects your decision making.  Even the way you communicate. Beliefs have a very strong impact on your reaction to all of life. You get the idea, beliefs are extremely powerful when it comes to living life that's why I am fierce advocate for helping people explore their belief systems to open up psychically and generally live a happier life. 

The ultimate goal of any belief system is to ensure human survival. We are wired for survival. 

Let me make it super simple to understand where beliefs come from by telling you a story.

Once upon a time there was a huge mountain and deep valley. High atop the mountain was a village called ENROS  and down low in the valley was where a village called LISTOS.

Each of these communities had been established around the same time but never journeyed into one another's community. 

Each of these villages created rules to protect their people and their lifestyle. In the valley they could see the mountain but knew it to be very dangerous and rule #1 was no one hikes the mountain! In the valley they lived on cows milk and grains. They understood the importance of grains as it gave the cow life so it would produce milk for the villagers. 

They viewed the cow as sacred. Never would one ever eat a cow! The cow ate corn and so corn was very special to the tribe, as it nourished the cow. Over time the tribe began to host ceremonies and rituals to honor the cows and the corn. They believed this would protect the cow and crops of corn and grain needed to maintain the cow and the villagers.

Now, let’s take a journey up the mountain to ENROS  where they have no grains and eat cows to survive. No grains grow on the mountain top and their survival depends on doing things very differently. The only food on the mountain is cows. No grains. They kill the cow and share with the tribe it's how they eat. 

The valley people believe one way and the mountain people believe another way. Who’s right and who’s wrong. This is not possible to determine as it is all contextual. Beliefs support the context from which they originate. Your tribe, your family, your village. You inherit them. 

As time goes by and you find yourself outside the tribe you run into a lot of different scenarios that have a different context then you know. Now you are faced with a dilemma. Do you remain true to your tribe, even though it doesn’t align with who you are today, or do you consciously work on aligning with a new belief system to support who you currently are? 

This in a nutshell is what most people struggle with. This keeps you stuck, in fear and confusion. The ripple effect is wide. It even affects your ability to develop a multisensory life that you trust! It’s a big part of the reason you don’t trust your ability to communicate with spirit. 

We, as a collective, have been told to believe if you can’t see it, hear it, taste it, smell, or feel it it must not be real.  I am here to remind you THAT’S FALSE INFORMATION! 

I invite you to look at your own beliefs systems and notice what feels like you’ve outgrown it. Begin with what your tribe instilled in you about psychic ability and expand it to include spirituality. I’m certain you will find very distinct beliefs around this. Next, ask yourself if this works for me TODAY. 

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