Exploring the challenge of restlessness

mind personal soul Oct 03, 2022

Join me to discover your challenges series. Today is the first in the series that will cover all ten challenges the Soul uses to advance its learning. 

I am starting with RESTLESSNESS as it’s one I know personally. I know that one of my Soul’s goals is to conquer restlessness. I found a way to make peace with this challenge because I know ultimately it is meant to grow me. It all started with awareness and that is what I am offering you! 

If you relate to any of this in a deep way you may have the challenge of restlessness too. 

Are you someone who  says that everything will be okay once or when __________.   you are constantly waiting for something new. Whether it’s a new job, a new partner, time for a new color of paint for the walls, time for new furniture dot-dot. Can you relate? If you can, you probably have the challenge of restlessness.

The difficulty that people have when they have the challenge of restlessness is that they are not able to simply be in the moment. They’re constantly looking around the corner. Trying to predict what’s next. Most likely out of boredom.

People with the challenge of restlessness always seek activity. Are always looking to be doing something. And that something might even be creating chaos. It’s very common if you have the challenge of restlessness to be surrounded by drama.

Those with the challenge of restlessness find themselves feeling agitated when they’re stuck in traffic, when they can’t express themselves fully or when they are forced to sit still and watch a movie or read a book. Or at least it feels like being forced.

I can relate personally to this one. I was always looking for something to satisfy me. To make me “ feel content”.  When in reality what I was really doing was avoiding present moment situations.

To conquer the challenge of restlessness is for the soul to teach us acceptance. To allow life to unfold at its own pace and to focus on one step at a time. When we do this we fully learn what it means to accept what is. And we release the negative energy of impatience.

I admit, I am not a journaling person, however, I make a concerted effort once a week to sit down and write and write and write. I don’t have an agenda. I’m not writing anything except what flows out of me at the moment. I have found this technique to be so helpful that I included it in my Going Within membership where I teach women how to birth themselves through their imagination. Writing it out IS meditation.  

Everyone has a preconceived idea about meditation. And most people want to run from it. But I can tell you this, when you make it fun and non-restrictive you will understand that meditation is your natural set point. 

I invite you to take five minutes each day (start small) and begin to write using this prompt. Today I feel like_____________. Don’t censor it. Don’t try to control it. Make sure you have a pen and paper that feels good in your hand. And let the words flow. This seems unconventional I know but I promise it’s what helped me  conquer restlessness.

Here is a reminder of the top Soul challenges.

Top Challenges Each Soul Choses 

  1.  Restlessness
  2.  Stubbornness
  3.  Martyrdom
  4.  Self destruction
  5.  Addiction
  6.  Insecurities
  7.  Self absorption 
  8.  Detachment
  9.  Cynicism
  10.  Anger 

I know for me I needed someone to help me explore the challenge of my soul. I was too close to it. It was my norm and I was too comfortable in it. I couldn’t see beyond it. 

If you are someone who is incredibly curious or maybe you’re at your wit’s end and you’re ready to find your challenge, book your private session here.

Love, Vee