Discover how old your soul is

soul Oct 03, 2022

You’ve probably used the term old soul many times during your life, maybe even with reference to yourself. Maybe you’ve met a young child and felt they are old souls. Or, maybe you’ve met a gray haired old man or woman who acted incredibly childish.

Souls do not have a literal age, but what they can offer up is  how advanced they are. This is something that shows up in your everyday life when you know how to look for it. The benefit of knowing this information will offer you peace of mind when it comes to some of the ways you manage your life. Some of your ways can be course corrected and some are “in stone” so to speak.  These are manifestations of a soul’s age.

Every soul undergoes a process of evolution each time it incarnates. Every incarnation includes a set of new challenges all co-created to help the soul with its number one goal to evolve. Each level of evolution increases the soul’s awareness and ultimately their consciousness.

When we are talking about the age of a soul we are not only to how many lifetimes they’ve lived but the experiences they’ve gone through.

There are five levels to a soul’s age. With each level comes very specific characteristics and lessons. It’s important to understand that under each of the levels there could be as many as fifty to five hundred lifetimes spent on learning the lessons.

So, what are the five levels and how do you recognize where your soul is?

In human terms…

  • Infant soul
  • Baby soul 
  • Young soul
  • Mature soul
  • Old soul

As the soul progresses through each level the lessons get more and more intense.

Infant or New Souls

>An infant soul will shun the modern world avoiding all connections to anything beyond its familiar circle. It will often appear anxious in social situations. It struggles to find the rules and then to follow them. They often feel like they don’t fit in.

Infant souls like the comfort of the proverbial nest. Close to the familiar is where they feel the safest. They are usually simple people with simple lifestyles. They may struggle to express themselves and are easily overwhelmed. Introverted and shy they tend to blend in with the status quo.  They are here to experience survival.

Baby or Toddler Souls 

Baby or Toddler  seek stability with each reincarnation..  Chaos and drama will cripple them emotionally. They struggle to know how to cope with it. They are generally quiet and reserved. They are the observers. They live to follow the rules. They believe rules keep them free of chaos and confusion so best to fit in.

They aren’t able to define themselves apart from the community they are born into. This level is not about leading but rather about following the herd. Family and tradition are very important to this soul. Like the infant soul they prefer tight knit communities.  They still are most comfortable in simple situations. They are not typically out of the box thinkers.

Survival is no longer the main focus for this level soul. It is now about social structure and discovering their place in the world. Their main lesson is to experience cooperation.

Young souls

Young souls  are agents of change. Status quo is not for them. They are curious and can be like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding new ways.  They may  be seen as “workaholics” who value material stuff.

The young soul abhors the box. Its goal is to free itself from its limiting structures.They can often act emotionally rather than rationally.

They crave the approval of others. Fitting in matters greatly to them. They live in a constant state of comparison.

They surround themselves with likeminded people where everyone  benefits from belonging to a community.They view conformity as a safe place and  it’s vitally important to their wellbeing.

Young souls are not comfortable with looking inside themselves and going deep. They prefer surface intimacy like the souls before them. They tend to play the victim and are big blamers. Their mentality to cry about what’s been done to them. In order to avoid looking within they may revert back to the tribe mentality and beliefs.

This level is all about expansion. Exploring the big world while still anchoring to the safety of their community. They often lack worldly experience.

Mature souls

With this level comes the peacemakers.  They focus on the inner world and are deep thinkers. They are curious and live to explore the why’s of life. They are also liberal in all ways, also they are  relationship-focused and visionary in learning how to lead in their human bodies and emotions. Life is no longer about survival, role-filling or material gain, it’s about understanding, empathy and unity.

This soul is all about exploration. They’re curious, exciting, dynamic and always striving to push things forward. This is the get ‘er done age.  At this age they are fully embracing the world. In fact they see everything as theirs for the taking. The uncertainty of the younger Souls is replaced by self-assurance. They go about the world confidently determined to leave their mark.

This level is all about exploration.

Old souls

Old souls have been around the block so to speak. They have reincarnated many many times. They may even be at the end of the reincarnation cycle. They have experienced all of these lifetimes and have good knowledge of society, relationships and the world at large allowing them to see the big picture and all the sides.  They are generally well versed in life. They have a well rounded education from all the lives they have lived.

It’s hard to surprise an old soul. They are self assured and confident in general. They lack nothing. They will be heard saying, “I have everything I need.” They are relaxed and philosophical about life, radiate depth, calmness, wisdom and truth preferring self-actualization and self-fulfillment. They tend to be less emotional drama and chaos, as they feel close to the truth about the reasons they are here. They are always comfortable with the thought of death as they know the truth.

Take a few minutes and sit with each description and let the awareness of your soul guide you to its level of evolution. You can look for examples in your own life to support what you’re sensing. At first it may be able to recognize the level someone close to you is at. Gathering information is always helpful!

Hopefully, you will recognize a level that is most relatable to this incarnation.

Have FUN!

By no means is this an all inclusive list but it is a great place to start your research into your soul! Feel free to share your findings in the comments!

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