3 Unconventional Tips On What It Takes To Get (and stay) Psychically Connected

soul spirit Oct 03, 2022

Inspiration actually emerges from the soil of action: perspiration is just the water that nourishes it — August Turak

I bet you think you need to be inspired before you take action. I say it’s the other way around. Move energy and then inspiration propels you! You take action and you nurture that action! 

Getting psychically connected requires ACTION – motivation!  Once you are in action the inspiration to go further and deeper kicks in. You get the confidence boost and you’re off! 

Everybody wants an instant connection and download (we live in a googlized world) type it in bam it INSTANTLY appears – and God forbid if it hangs up! You know what I mean. 

And… What’s next if people (you) don’t have an instant connection psychically?  People give up. They go into their story of I can’t do this. I don’t trust what I do get. Come on, you know. What’s your favorite excuse? 

You’re in luck… I got a few tips to help you get inspired to build your own psychic connection consistently. 

I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to get and stay inspired.  No giving up! 

1. Act

The director on a movie set yells action for a reason. He wants MOVEMENT! You Move. Act. React!  

Do not think spirit connection will just magically happen… YET! You must establish connection consistency. Think about this, if you say you want to write a book what do you do? You start writing. If you want to get in shape you start working out and eating healthy. If you want to connect psychically you MUST start listening. Yep… it may sound contrary but your action here is to get STILL. Believe me getting still is a definite action. It requires a process, at least for me. It does not come easily to me. 

Begin by creating a ZEN DEN (or corner). A designated space where you go to find peace and stillness.  This can be a corner in your bedroom or a crawlspace in your attic. Heck, I have created a space outside under a tree.  The action you are taking is training your brain upon the site of this space that it’s time to get still. At first you will struggle, we all do. But, the inspiration you gain from consistently visiting your space will create the momentum to do more and go deeper. I pinky swear it will work if you allow it to. 

2. Start Small

Most of us have become accustomed to getting what we want when we want it. Remember, we’re Googlized. In seconds we can have the world in front of us. We are addicted to instant gratification. I believe it is this instant gratification that forces us to reach too high and be too critical of our Spiritual abilities. 

Let me help you dial it back a bit. Instead of starting out with the desire to get specific direction on your job situation or your relationship, start with this… people watch. Become an observer. Set aside time to visit a mall or a park or the beach and really engage in watching people. Use all your senses including beyond your five senses. 

Notice every little detail. Feel their vibe. Watch their walk. The very first thing you MUST be if you are to hone your psychic ability is an observer. Do this until it becomes as natural as breathing.   

How else will you know it is Spirit that is communicating with you  if you are not observant? Remember, I said small steps. Eat that elephant one bite at a time. 

You’re taking action by visiting your Zen Den daily now it’s time to become observant. Next step…

3. Find your tribe and thrive

While psychic development is different for everyone (yes, I’ll spill the beans on that later), there is a tremendous need for community. A safe, sacred, well grounded community.  ENERGY is contagious! Who you keep company with matters. 

Inspiration, education and motivation are all created in well grounded communities. 

It’s much easier to get and stay inspired when you’re working with others who have like minds especially when it comes to psychic development. Working with others can also help you enjoy the experience more and come out of the “closet”. 

It’s hard for most people to stay motivated for long periods of time all on their own. If you can, that’s great. But why not increase your odds of long-term success by joining others who are  working toward a similar goal and who can reignite the fire when your flame starts to die down? Hold you accountable, boost you up, offer timely and relevant feedback that is supportive to your journey.

Happy Practicing!