General Guidance

Veronica will share messages unique to you from Spirit about various aspects of your life such as finances, relationships and career. During this reading she may offer messages from your loved ones, as well as, your angels, guides and Higher Self.


Tarot Card Reading

Veronica and The Tarot will offer insight into current situations and major life decisions that you may be facing. This may include career and finances, relationships with family and friends, and your love life. Receive guidance and insight when Veronica unites The Tarot and her highly refined intuition during your session.




I am a compassionate, straightforward reader. I work very quickly when I channel and read psychically.

I enjoy working with people who are kind, responsible, respectful and optimistic. I am constantly striving to keep my vibration high and clear. The best readings come when our frequency is aligned.

I DO NOT do “emergency” readings. I do not believe there is ever a need for them.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Creating an informative powerful reading is my goal and if there is conflict I won’t work with it – under no circumstances.

I am very mindful of psychic addicts. Remember, I’ve been doing this a loooong time. If you are someone who gets routine readings that are less than 3 months apart I’m not the best reader for you. Dependency develops overtime and I will not be party to anything that may impede your free will.

If I sense you are in an active clinical depression I may request you wait to do your session so that you can experience the highest quality guidance.

If you have a clinical diagnosis of mental illness such as bi-polar or schizophrenia I may not be able to offer you services depending on how well controlled your illness is.

I do not give health readings.