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Calling all women entrepreneurs who've hit the income ceiling! It's time to engage your intuition and move beyond your current limits! 

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Sticks and stones will break your bones... but words will never hurt you! WRONG!

I'm Veronica Drake, an Intuitive Business Coach with almost two decades of experience. I can see what you can't when it comes to your business, including the words your tell yourself unconsciously.

Words are the foundation to everything in business and life! Let me help you see what you're building on.  

My Mission:

Guiding women to become decision-making powerhouses, radiate unshakable confidence, and unearth their life's purpose through intuitive development, paving the way for a rock-solid foundation built on unwavering trust.


My Vision:

I envision a tribe of unstoppable women, living lives full of confidence, empowered by their intuitive instincts, and navigating the world driven by their purpose—you are built on strength, authenticity, and unbridled wisdom and it all starts with One Word!

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I help busy midlife women reinvent themselves using their intuition, creativity and laugher!

Ready to shake things up and have a blast? I'm here to help you reinvent yourselves  and guess what? We're doing it the fun way—with a sprinkle of intuition, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of laughter!

Think of it like a DIY project for your  life, where we're throwing in quirky ideas, embracing those "a-ha" moments, and having a good laugh along the way. It's not your typical reinvention—it's more like a cool makeover party!

So, imagine us sipping coffee, brainstorming with wild ideas, and sharing a good laugh or two. Your intuition becomes our secret weapon, creativity is our paintbrush, and laughter? Well, that's the magic potion.

Ready for a laid-back, fun-filled journey of reinvention? Let's make transition feel like a casual Sunday brunch—relaxed, enjoyable, and filled with good vibes.